BB 8/26/21 The Agony at the County – DeVitto Q

Installment #4 of Q School week at the Agony turned out to be an adventure around the County.  Temps were a bit tepid but bearable (and even if they were not, we would have managed because that’s what we do – rain or shine, hot or cold – “it don’t matter”).  We called the time, provided the appropriate disclaimers and then proceeded into COP.   The following PAX were in attendance: 


Pew Pew (R)



Undertaker (R)

Little Jerry (R)


Double Down (R)


DeVitto (Q)


SSH x 15, toy soldiers x 10, grass grabbers x 10, downward dog, left knee/left elbow and vice versa, cobra, and Michael Phelps.  As we went through each, PAX were quizzed on the 5 core principles of an F3 workout.  We had some smart PAX in attendance and, thus, no one missed a question.  (Glad Crockpot stepped up 😊).  We then mosied to the playground for the THANG. 


This workout was a pyramid-based workout and include 5 stations of exercises.  Each Station was about 50-75 yds past the other and were set up around the County.  Each PAX would start off with 5 pull-ups and then they would run to a station.  The stations were set up as follows:

1st Station – Sprinter lunges x 10

2nd station – Shoulder taps x 20 (2 ct)

3rd station – Jump squats x 30

4th station – merkins x 40

5th station – hip bridges x 50 

After starting with 5 pull-ups, each PAX would run to station 1 and perform the prescribed amount of reps and then return to the start for 5 pull-ups.  They would then run to Station #2, perform the prescribed reps for that station, run to station #1 to perform the prescribed exercise and reps, and then back to the start for 5 pull-ups.  This process continued with stations 3, 4, and 5 with each PAX stopping at the past stations on their way back to the starting point for pull-ups.  After completing station #5, PAX worked they way back down each station.   





Intentions and Prayer

Everybody put out today and gave it their best effort.  We had a good review of the correct way to Q a workout (except for me forgetting the count at the beginning) and I hope it inspired others to step up and Q.   DeVitto OUT!

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