BB- 9/8/2021- The Foundry at the County- Meter Maid Q

I had signed up for this Q about a month ago. With all the mini training, it forced me to Q and get back to the County where it all began for me. I had plans to use my potted plants (aka Sorinex Center Mass Bells). When I got up early this morning, it was thundering and I was worried about being able to use them. Luckily the storms pushed out and I didn’t have to modify my weinke.

Last week, Brown Water had reached out about taking the site Q duties for the Foundry. I felt the timing was right time to take over the shove flag and agreed to it. I hope to do as well as all the prior Foundry site Q have done.

When I arrived to unload the hundreds of pounds from my Explorer, I saw the marathon runners getting ready to start their run. There would also be a mini marathon group that met just prior to 530.

There were six PAX ready to start their day by moving some coupons and iron. They included: Swag (he was still feeling the manmakers from Lambeau’s VQ yesterday), Brown Water, Yankovich (R), Verbal, WildFLOWER (he knows a guy), and Meter Maid (Q).

I provided the disclaimer and we started COP with 15 mountains climber (4 count IC). Then, we did grass grabber IC, Toy Soldiers (IC) and Michael Phelps OYO.

The first part involved our coupons. We did a few rifles carries across the parking lot and single arm carries before starting the main course of center mass bells.

The push for everything would be a 30 pound ruck or 30 pound ruck with 50 pound center mass bell one time around the far islands. The exercises included 20 smash ball (I told others to watch out for Focker’s previous craters in the grass), kettle bell swings, two 5 pound each Stein holds (preparing for Buschhh’s next beer ruck), 10 pound per hand Mike Tyson’s punch out, 15 pound rolling rows per arm, 20 pounds curls per arm, 25 pound single arm bent over rows and 30 pound vertical chops.

We worked hard until we reached time. Didn’t leave any time for Mary but also didn’t run. It was a true heavy!

We circled up around the flag. We did COR and NOR. For announcements, Brown Water announced the changing of the guard. We appreciate all of his leadership in leading the Foundry. I mentioned the 9/11 ruck on Friday night with CoQs from Valdez and McAfee. It will start at Vets at 7:45pm. Jolly will also have a themed 9/11 workout at the Nest. The iron pax workouts for the County starting next week will be done as a black ops workout each Monday morning. I led us out in prayer. I look forward to seeing other PAX at the Foundry each Wednesday.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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