12.31.21 BackBlast: Pleasantville

First, let me apologize to the PAX that made it out with me on this day for getting this out so late: Viking, Dot (R), Corningstone. I would blame it on the fact that I had 4 Q’s in that week but after week 1 of the Iron Horse challenge and seeing Meter Maid put a back blast out same day after each one of his 5 Q’s, I can’t use that excuse. Anyway, Airplane, covering site Q duties over Pleasantville, would reach out to me in October to see if I wanted to grab the New Years Eve Q. Good on him for getting the calendar filled up to finish out the year. My PreBlast had an image of George Bailey eluding to the fact that It is a Wonderful Life that we lead and would model my Q as such.

0530 and we circled up for the disclaimer and COP. Did some SSH, Grass Grabbers, Abe Vagodas and runners stretch. Off we would go for a mosey around the park for…

Thang 1: two laps around the park stopping at 4 stations. Station 1: Jump lunges x 10. Station 2: Carolina Dry Docks x 10. Station 3: Groiners x 10. Station 4: Peter Parker Merkins x 10. We would make another lap and reps would increase to 15. As we were off on one of our moseys I did my best George Bailey impression yelling out hello to all of the good things in Pleasantville much like George did in Bedford Falls with his newfound appreciation for life. Viking was concerned at this point that the authorities might soon be joining us during our workout. I told the boys, “imagine what they’ll do once once we start lighting stuff on fire!” Recover and head to the amphitheater for…

Thang 2: Under the amphitheater we would do 5 burpees, 10 merkins and 15 squats before utilizing the steps. Round 1 we would do 21 Derkins on step 1, 21 dips on step 2 and 21 step ups on step 3. R & R until we got to the top. We would mosey from the top around to the amphitheater and would complete it all again but this time on the steps we would increase reps to 22. We would get in 3 total rounds. WOOF boys! We had just enough time for…

The Fire: Your Bird brought with him a large metal bucket, construction paper, a sharpie and a lighter. While listening to Auld Lang Syne we would plank up. One at a time PAX would write down one thing from 2021 that they wanted to forget about and leave in the past. They would then light it on fire and place it in the metal bucket symbolizing that if they burned it up, it would be no more. The authorities didn’t show up and Storm Trooper would be happy to know that we made sure the fire was completely extinguished.

0615 and time was called. We would do COR, NOR and COT under the amphitheater. We made some announcements and lifted up our intentions. Thanked the Sky Q for all of our blessings that 2021 gave us and asked Him to help us achieve all that we set out for in the prospect of new year.

Thank you fellas for ending the year with me!

Until next time…


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