BB – 01.13.22 – Agony @ County – Kitty Litter Q

Had a six-pax (plus one Q) show up. Also a few F3 runners who show up…then gone like the wind. Opening disclosures and off to mosey for a “County-Tour” warm up. Along the way, we made pit-stops for COP (SSH, Grass-grabbers), 10 BOYOS, Turkish Get-Ups, Copperhead Squats, Dips, ‘Merkins, and some other stuff.

Main Thang: 25 Bent Rows, Run/Burpee/Run, 25 More Bent Rows, Longer Run/Burpee/Longer Run Back. Same thing for following exercises: 13+12 Man-Makers, 37+38 Coupon Curls, 25+25 Thrusters, 25+25 OH Press, 50+50 ‘Merkins. Saved 5 minutes for core work (Mary). Great job Men! Keep up the acceleration into 2022. -KL-

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