1.19.22 Pre Blast: Black Ops @ The Patriot-BigBird Q

The Mutt has some of the most fantastical mumble chatter in all of the land. How we were able to get 400 merkins knocked out in 44 minutes during my visit last week I’ll never know except to say that Fridge knows how to wrangle his men and scratch his head while rubbing his belly. One of the many things I would learn on this day, inside of the Watterson, is that there’s a thing out there titled “The Merkin-off.” Aside from having 44 minutes of useless knowledge crammed into my head and seeping out my ears, I worked myself to exhaustion and my boobies were gassed! It was so horribly awesome in fact, I’ve decided to share a piece of it with my Patriot brothers to the North.

Come out tomorrow as we explore and do a crap ton of various stylized Merkins.

Oldham County Family Court
(502) 222-9837

No coupons necessary.


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