PB 03.29.22 – El “O” – Kitty Litter Q

I’m excited to get back out to the O tomorrow. Back in my 20’s, when I lived near there, those near-east parks were a staple in my fitness game. Now, with F3, it’s all coming Full-Circle (see how I did that…puns intended with a triple entendre: “O” being a circle, Seneca Park making a loop, and my jogging of memory lane circling back to more youthful days.). Digression aside, I’ll tell you what isn’t round: coupons! So leave them at home. That means we’ll be moseying around a bit and turning our bodies into all the gym we need. The weather looks great so this should be a perfect opportunity to finish up your IHC effort! SYITG, –KL–

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