8-3-2022 Back Blast – The Foundry @ The County

Here is what you missed and/or what I learned this morning at The Foundry…

The music was decent / Brown water approved. Nothing fancy. Just some 80s/90s stuff and at least one ballad to keep it real.
I somehow offended everywhere Asian Zing has ever lived in a single sentence.
Cochran is wonderfully terrible at Halloween costumes.
PCI was almost renamed 7 or 8 times during the workout.
Air raid’s car is painted black and then wrapped in an even blacker black color…he is nearly invisible in the gloom.
Meter knows something about everything. Rarely is it of much value, but literally any topic he has some random tidbit to share.

PAX: Meter maid, Brown water, Cochran, PCI / PTI / CSI / DHL, Asian Zing (R), Air Raid (R), Dauber (Q)

The workout:
Main Thang:
We did 3 pull ups before each set as we cycled through a number of exercises. Cycles (2 sets of 20):
4ct Flutter Kicks
lunge walk / bear crawl to stop sign and back
Overhead Press
4ct American Hammers
lunge walk / bear crawl to stop sign and back
Skull Crushers
lunge walk / bear crawl to stop sign and back
Reverse Crunches

Ended with COT and special intentions for Eastern Kentucky.


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