Pre Blast – Pizza Q @ The Incubator at Posh 11/14/2022

Good morning HIM! YHC has the Q at The Incubator at Posh (Parklands) Monday morning at 0530! Why should you not fart-sack? Here’s a few reasons:

1) This is a you Vs you workout that’s sort of a pick your own adventure. Want an explosive HIIT workout? Done. Want a run heavy workout? Done. Just happy you didn’t fart sack and wanted something low key (don’t recommend!). Done.
2) This is a workout you can do from home. Come learn about a great way to get a good creative workout in when you are not at F3.
3) 80s themed playlist! If you’re feeling Under Pressure, be a Maniac with me and Push It. Come Express Yourself you Super Freaks!

Headbands recommended? No coupons.

Hit those HCs! SYITG!


Published by f3louspizza

Beer, music and fitness. Let's go!

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