#TheO – #TempleofGloom Back Blast (9/7/17) – Starfish


Starfish?   Meh….close enough.  GPS Photo c/o CI


QIC: Red Roof

PAX (18):  Abacus, Mr. Clean, Bean Counter, Trump, Zoolander, Country Boy, Quimby, Old Bay, Pope, Star Child, Captain Insane-o, Taco, OJ, Scratch, Loco, Zartan, Jordy, Red Roof


The PAX gathered in the gloom this morning and from the outset it was evident this morning The O was walking in to a raid on the Ghost Flag.  PAX from the Mutt were clown carring like crazy and we didn’t stand a fighter’s chance.  There was no hope of keeping it this time, and no chance to tie it up on a fence or anything like that.  The Mutt was taking our beloved flag from us today like Eddie Huckstable took the Beav’s baseball glove in that one episode of…..forget it, I’m terrible with metaphors.  We lost our flag and it sucked, but T-claps to the guys from The Mutt for running a covert op like that and posting at The O.

Things started out with a nice 1/4 mile run down the track for COP:

20 SSH, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Monkey Humpers (more than a little mumble chatter after these), 20 Merkins, 20 more SSH.

Another 1/4 mile run back to the field hockey field for The Thang:

STARFISH:  Told the PAX to partner up and together as partners start with one (1) Merkin, then branch out to one of four corners for two (2) of the next exercise (Imperial Walkers, LBC, Air Squats, Coupon Presses) then back to the middle for three (3) Merkins, then four (4) of the next corner.  Rinse and repeat all of the four corners until 25 Merkins are reached.  Early finishers were told to join the PAX still working and to finish together.

This starts pretty tame, but if you’re counting that’s 196 Merkins when it’s all said and done.

MARY:  Mary consisted of each PAX member on their backs counting individually to 10 while doing flutter kicks.  The rest of the PAX had to raise their legs on the even numbers and lower them on the odd numbers.

Next we did Freddie Mercury’s (x20), American Hammers (x20), and Quimby had us spell our names with our legs in the air, which is tougher than it sounds.

Finally we finished up with some stretching.

Name-o-Rama and COT:

Intentions for Wham! and Diablo for a speedy recover back to The O.

Try to be HIM’s in all you do!

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