2/22/18 Extender BackBlast #QuarterPounder #WithCheese


QIC:  Wham!

9 PAX: Face; Zima; Geppetto; Snowman; Deuce; Fridge; Tiger; Grinder; Wham!

Time:  5:30 am

43 Degrees (feels like *37); Steady Rain

Playing Surface:

QIC’s Attire (for Zoo, who was the Fart Sacking Site Q today):
Red UofL hat; Black Nike Dry-Fit long sleeve shirt; Red UofL 2013 National Champions t-shirt (for the haters); Red UofL #10 Gorgui Dieng Jersey; Black tights; Red Reebok shorts; Red UofL Socks [Side Note:  I did not see much in the way of red gear on the PAX, but I’m just going to assume that the weather was the cause of that rather than a brazen decision to openly defy my Preblast.  I should also mention that Tiger claimed to be wearing red underwear, but I elected to take his word for it.]

I set my alarm this morning for 4:30 am, but my excitement caused me to wake up on my own around 4:15 to the sound of pounding rain and howling wind.  My first thought was that there’s no way the rain could keep coming down like that.  My second thought was that if the rain does continue, no one’s going to show up at Le Mutt today.  My concern grew just before I left the house when the local TV weather guy said that the hardest rain of the day was happening now and would continue for the next hour or so.  Would anyone show up?

When I pulled in the parking lot at 5:24, I was pleasantly surprised to see 3 cars already parked on Mutt grounds.  And more cars arrived shortly thereafter, including Tiger who lived up to his reputation by sliding in at 5:29 and a half.  The 9 of us circled up for a quick disclaimer by YHC and we were off for a mosey around the school to the Portico for a rain-free COP.

1. 20 SSH IC
2. 15 Grass Grabbers (with clap in the back) IC
3. 15 Imperial Walkers IC
4.  5 BOYOs
5.  15 Plank Jacks IC
6.  Plank (normal, right arm up, left arm up, down on elbows)

Thang 1: Indian Run with 4×4 Action
We left the friendly shelter of the Portico and set off on a nice Indian Run long ways around the school, down Leland (during which time Face and I saw and discussed visual proof of Zartan’s fart sack), left on St. Matthews Avenue, left on Brookfield and back to the school parking lot.  During the run, the Six would drop down to complete a 4×4 (4 merkins and 4 mountain climbers) before running to the front of the line.  Once we arrived back at the school, we ventured down to the land of coupons where each PAX grabbed a coupon and headed back to the front parking lot where 4 cones were set out roughly (very roughly) 25 yards apart.

Thang 2: Quarter Pounder
As I was searching through the F3 Exercise database for inspiration, I came across a routine called Quarter Pounder which also included an extra credit routine called Quarter Pounder with Cheese, which immediately made me think of this NSFW scene from Menace II Society: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2efH15kmDUU

The Quarter Pounder routine involved the following:

1. Sprint to 25 yard cone; 25 merkins; Bernie Sanders back to start
2. Sprint to 50 yard cone; 50 squats; Bernie Sanders back to start
3. Sprint to 75 yard cone; 75 mountain climbers; Bernie Sanders back to start
4. Sprint to 100 yard cone; 100 side straddle hops; Bernie Sanders back to start

Thang 3: Quarter Pounder With Cheese
The extra credit “cheese” from Thang 2 was to do the same routine but with a coupon in hand.  Because we were running short on time, we cut the repetitions down a bit but still did the following:

1. Carry coupon to 25 yard cone; 25 incline merkins; Carry coupon back to start
2. Carry coupon to 50 yard cone; 25 coupon squats; Carry coupon back to start
3. Carry coupon to 75 yard cone; 25 mountain climbers (with hands on coupon); Carry coupon back to start;
4. Carry coupon to 100 yard cone; 25 coupon shoulder shrugs; Carry coupon back to start

After completing Thang 3, we had 8 minutes remaining and so we quickly returned the coupons and hustled over to the side parking lot next to Father Wayne’s house and partnered up for Thang 4.

Thang 4
P1: Bear crawl from the school side curb to the parking block across the way; 10 derkins on the parking block; Bear crawl back to your partner
P2: Rosalitas amrap until your partner returned
Switch and repeat with each partner doing the opposite exercise

P1: Broad jump from the school side curb to the parking block across the way; 5 burpees; Broad jump back to your partner
P2: American hammers amrap until your partner returned
Switch and repeat with each partner doing the opposite exercise

Count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements, and then circled up for intentions and a quick closing prayer from YHC thanking the Sky Q for the ability and motivation to get out of bed this morning and asking for help in being more patient, less judgmental and being fully present in whatever moment we found ourselves in today.

I greatly appreciated the 8 HIM who joined me in less than ideal conditions this morning.  We definitely don’t get up for easy and today was a testament to that.  Until next time…


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