Backblast 5/8/18 Bayside #PrisonYard

Pax (5): Grandpa Bear, Spokey doke (respect), Banana Bread, Spam (FNG), Shuttlecock (Q) (respect)

We are temporarily moving from Collins High School to Clear Creek Park in Shelbyville. Glauc is working through some agreements with the Collins High School administration so we can continue to work out there. At Clear Creek Park, we worked out at the Tennis Courts because we have access to turn the lights on. The rest of the park is pretty dark until the last 20 minutes or so of the workout as the sun come up. We were able to welcome an FNG who is a neighbor of T18. Now, T18 said he was coming, but was nowhere to be found as we started working out.

We have named the Tennis Courts at Clear Creek, the Prison Yard.


25 Grass grabbers (IC)
30 Imperial walkers (IC)
25 Side Shuttle Hops (IC)
20 Merkins (IC)

Thang 1: Partnered up

Partner 1: ran from across 3 tennis courts to other side, did 5 merkins, and then ran back
Partner 2: pickle peckers while P1 ran
Repeated 4 more time, increasing the merkins by 1 each time until reach 10 merkins

Thang 2: Split up into 4 stations, 2 reps of each station

Station 1: 10 burpies
Station 2: full planks (hold full plank until station 1 finished with burpies and relieved station 2)
Station 3: squats (until relieved by station 2)
Station 4: LBCs (until relieved by station 3)

Thang 3: 2 reps

Lunges across 3 tennis courts (45 yards)
Sideways run (45 yards)
Super Mario’s (45 yards)
Bernie Sanders (45 yards)


25 Gas pumps (IC)
25 Freddie Mercury’s (IC)
25 American Hammers (IC)
25 Crunchy frogs (IC)
Cross-Leg situps
Hip Rock and Raise
V-Up Roll-Ups

Closed with count-o-rama, name-o-rama, prayers and intentions. We gave the FNG the F3 name of Spam (he does IT security). Gave thanks to God for his grace, lifting praise and prayer requests to him.


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