BackBlast – BlackOps Briar Hill Abacus Q 5/10/18

Oldham County BlackOps scouted Briar Hill Park. Aerial images of the park looked promising. YHC arrived 15 minutes early for a quick tour. On arrival there was a car in the lot with lights on…good sign, right? Wrong! This was someone who apparently had no interest in a BlackOps beat down. In fact he appeared as though YHC might get a face smasher beatdown…Mystery man got in his car and high tailed it out of the park. YHC was now free to scope the park.

Quick observations…this place is DARK!

dark park.jpg

Actual PAX began arriving!

PAX – Abacus Q, Airplane, Ashley, Valdez, Scratch n Dent, Forced Close, Little Jerry (R), Double Down (R), Fergie

Warm-up lap around the parking lot and circle up for COP


SSH – 30 I/C

Copperhead squats – 30 I/C

Kendra Newman – 10 I/C each direction

Monkey Humpers – 15 I/C

Merkins – 25


Form groups of 3:

Group 1 – grab coupons carry over head around the median in parking lot

Group 2 – Copperhead squats while waiting

Group 3 – Lunges while waiting

Trade coupons with other group and swap PT

Two cycles through


Grinder W/O

Partner up

Partner 1 – one lap around .25mile track

Partner 2 – SSH

Switch off

Round 1 – SSH, Round 2 Squats, Round 3 Merkins, Round 4 – Lt. Dan


LBCs – 30 I/C

Plank up for J-Lo’s

Dying Cockroach – 15 I/C

LBCS – 20 I/C

COT and announcements – LEX launches this week. Give some $$$ to make a wish and Double Down. Gave thanks and asked for help being better leaders and men!


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