24 PAX (one visiting from @F3LexSC) in the #TempleOfGloom for a Hairband Heyday with ZimaQ

Sitting at HDHH yesterday, I was in a rut for what to do this morning.  One more 420 and YHC had a plan.  Most of you HIM’s were on Spring Break for my last Q and it was at a different AO, so Throwback Thursday was in full effect with my shiny new tabata app, Seconds, and a hankering for some hairband classics.

YHC arrived about 15 minutes early and there were numerous Pax on site.  Was I late to my own Q?  Was this the same nightmare I have before every Q where I fartsack?  Turns out some HIMS were up for some EC looking to do a mile before we began.  As they set off, I checked the terrain on the tennis courts and waited for everyone to get back.

Pax arrived in droves soon after.  Many of whom I only know by name.  ***This brief interruption for a service message from YHC.  Get out of your bubble and visit some different AO’s.  There’s a lot of us out there.**** 

24 Pax: Diablo, Donger, Buschhh, Digorno, Trump, Nickelback, Captain-Insano, Dunfy (@F3LexSC), Star Child, Gillespie, MacAfee, Loco, Lamb, KY Genie, Piggie, Scratch, Red Roof, Flo-Jo, Who-Dey, Tron, Vincent (Respect), Cutlass, Wham, and Zima (Q).

5:30 a.m. Let’s get this party started.  Warm-up: Lap around the tennis courts and then on to the courts for the COP.

COP:  Abe Begodas x 20 IC, High Knees – 30 sec, Butt Kickers – 30 sec, Over the River Jumps aka Tony Hortons – 30 sec, Round the World Lunges – 10 ea. (right front, right side, back right, back left, left side, left front), Air Presses – 50, Kendra Newmans – 20 sec. each direction.

Now that we were all warmed up and talking about how no one had done P90x, but knew all the moves, it was time for the weinke.  Today’s weinke was simple, but effective I hope.  Four circuits of eight excercies – 45 seconds in motion with 15 second rest for each exercise. One minute rest between sets.  Exercises: Burpees, Sumo Squats, SS Hops, Spider-Man Push-Ups, Jumping Lunges, BB Sit-Ups, American Hammers and Tuck Jumps.

Music is key to any tabata as they can get a little repetitive so YHC dialed up some hairband classics for the ride.  

Playlist: Dr. Feelgood, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Welcome to the Jungle, Cherry Pie, Rock You Like a Hurricane, We’re Not Gonna Take It, Why Can’t This Be Love, Walk This Way, Unskinny Bob.  Available for download here with a Bonus Track, Back in Black.

Tabata ended at 6:15 and some change and we hustled back to the flags.   Announcements and intentions were given.  YHC asked the SkyQ for some guidance and we all left a little better.

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