The Hurt Backblast – 6.16.2018

I knew with Zoo’s anniversary Q going on at the O that the Hurt would have a little lighter showing than usual.  I was just hoping that at least one other PAX would join me.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Left Eye and his FNG 2.0 (Dojo) waiting in the lot when I got there.

PAX (5): Left Eye, Wham-o, Miyagi, Dojo (FNG 2.0) and Deuce (Q)

Weather: Somehow we were magically transported to Florida for this one as the humidity was something to fight against.

Gear: I am not nearly as fashionable as Zoo (who is?), and so it was a simple black F3 tank with the lightest weight shorts I own and good running shoes.  Left Eye and Dojo came in matching F3 shirts which were awesome, but Dojo will have to get his name fixed on the back now that he has a proper F3 name.

Given that it was Zoo’s anniversary Q, I figured I would do the Anti-Zoo Weinke at the Hurt since I knew he would not be there to criticize it!

COP: start out with SSH (25 IC), again since Zoo was not there, then grass grabbers (20 IC), downward dog with alternating calf stretches, then a series of arm and chest stretches to get warmed up.

First thing: laps around the school (which according to Zoo is boring), but on the first lap stop at every corner and do 5 BOYOs.  Second lap stop at every corner for 15 Bobby Hurley’s.  After second lap, brief break in running for 10 big boy sit ups and 20 gas pumps.  Third and final lap, stop at every corner for 15 merkins.

Second thing: grab coupons for tibata circuit – 1 minute each of dips, curls, rows, kettlebell swings and calf raises with 15 second rest in between each set.  Repeat two more times for 3 total circuits with 1 minute break between each circuit.

Final thing: circle back up for a little Mary.  10 big boy sit ups, 20 gas pumps, 20 rosalitas and 20 single count American Hammers.  Repeat two times and then finish with about 2 minutes of stretching for cool down.

Finish with COT: intentions given and a wish of happy father’s day to all the dads and a reminder to call and wish a happy father’s day to all our dads.

(Note that there were no Ace and Gary’s or other staring into another PAX eyes, so it truly was the anti-Zoo Weinke)

As always, appreciate the opportunity to lead the group, whether its 5 PAX or 35 PAX.


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