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QIC: Noxeema Jackson (Solo VQ); PAX: Trump, Wham!, Grinder, Nugget, Cowbell, Left Eye, Sump Pump, Old Bay, Glen Ross, Snowman, Vincent, Porkchop, Curly, Zima (and an ineligible Zoolander bowtie drive-by appearance)

Conditions: 82 Degrees & Soupy

I’ve done a Co-Q with Wham! during VQ week at Norton Commons, but this was my first Solo Q and first Q at the Mutt in general.  Having witnessed Old Bay oversleeping a few weeks ago, I basically didn’t sleep from 3:45am-4:30am in fear of missing it, but my house’s AC is still busted so I was up and angry for a beat (or sweat) down at the Blender.  Theme of the day was to keep moving non-stop, and hard running in between all spots throughout the Mutt.  16 PAX came, ran and got better…

Disclaimer & Mosey around to parking lot for COP/stretching

  • 20 side straddle hops
  • 10 Imperial walkers (that I messed up the count on…)
  • 10 slow grass grabbers
  • Downward dog running stretches
  • Cobra back stretch
  • Kendra Newman’s (sp?)
  • Arms across body stretches (with drive-by guest appearance from Zoo)

Thang: 30 minutes – hard run in between each spot along reflection path

  • Spot 1: Coupons area: 45 seconds of curls, squats, overhead press, decline/incline merkins and chest presses, with 15 second off.
  • Spot 2: Run around reflection path to monkey bars – 4 reps of 10 pull-ups with partner either on own or with spot, if no spot needed, other partner do merkins; plank while you wait if finished
  • Spot 3: Run around reflection path back to bottom of hill for some good old bayish intervals: partners – 4 mins of 1 partner running up hill to do 5 side straddle hops, with other partner at bottom doing burpees; 4 mins of 1 running up hill for 5 side straddle hops and other doing LBCs
  • Spot 4: Football field
    • Suicides (flags) – 2 rounds planned but only 1 round as people were gassed
    • Move to Mary

Mary: Remaining time (football field)

  • 20 heel touches,
  • 20 gas pumps,
  • 20 American hammers (cadence),
  • 20 flutter kicks,
  • 30 LBCs, &
  • Rosalita waterfall to end it (thanks BUSCHHHH)

Thanks to everyone who showed up today – it may not have seemed like it at the time, but that was a hell of a lot of fun.


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