Back Blast #BlackOps #NortonCommons

Where there is two or more….Good thing we had three.  Harry Carry @F3TheFort and Fridge join YHC Zima for a Friday fun run through NC.  I guess everyone is resting up for tonight, but no matter, with a few modifications we’re ready to go.

First to the warm up:

Slow Grass Grabbers IC x 10 (they’re so much better when you slow it down)

Abe Begodas IC x 15

Kendra Newmans x 30sec each way

SSH’s IC x 25

Around the World Lunges x 10

Merkins IC x 15

Copperhead Squats IC x 20

My original plan was to have the pax Native American run to each of the six stations, now called Pain Centers thanks to our new friend, but a NA run with three people is sort of silly so we opted for a fast mosey.  A trot if you will.  Starting from the Amphitheater, we make our way to the wall just past the fountain on Meeting Place and pause for 50 dips.  From there, we head all the way down Meeting St. and circle around the median and back to the fountain for 50 step-ups.  On to locale #3, the NC Elementary playground, for pull-up AMRAP for two minutes.  Time is fleeting as we leave school and circle around the YMCA and back to the school lot for some partner sit-up/Bernie Sanders to the flagpole and back.  100 sit-ups completed and we’re off to the hill behind the soccer field for 5 bear crawls up the hill with 5 burpees at the top each time.  The last leg takes from the soccer field back to the Amphitheater where I had planned for some jack-web, but with only two minutes remaining, we opted for some Mary.  That was about 1.5 miles on the run for those counting.

COT was pretty quick and somehow I almost forgot the names of the pax present just now.  Thanks to Harry Cary and Fridge for coming out this morning.  We were few, but furious. #gettingbetter

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