Backblast at The County with the Porkchop 7/5/18

The Shovel Flag rolled back into the County at exactly 5:30 without a second to spare.  Immediately launched into an experimental beatdown.

After declaring I was clearly not a professional and to modify as needed we started with 30 SSH and did three Sun Salutations to get the body warmed up.  We started into a Mosey deep into the County.  I wasn’t satisfied with the intensity of the exercise so we divided into 2 lines for a Native American Run for a mile straight out.  The was no doubt we were outside city limits when the cocks started to crow (rooster, it was a rooster). My aim was to get to the 100 year old cemetery but stopped just shy in order to save time to get back.  While in a plank I revealed the plan to PAXsack back, that is we paired up with a partner and piggybacked our way back to the AO.  A few folks looked like they were ready to put me in the graveyard so I mounted Big Bird and galloped off into the gloom.  Once we crossed the railroads the group was well spent so we did a short mosey the rest of the way back for some Mary.  After a round of Merkins Waterfall in a circle we completed some LBC and Guantanamo and ended with a Sun Salutation.    I had a Thang 2 planned for the World Cup theme but I clearly underestimated the timing of  Thang 1 so i will have to save that for another time.

In the Circle of Trust we counted off 18 PAX, 2 of which being FNG’s.  Realized I did not count off before heading off into the gloom so we may have started with more (joking I hope).  Gave thanks for the strength to roll out of beds and discussed remembering the chance to give these opportunities to our M’s.

The goal of the workout was to try something new and work on a challenge together.  This was a tough one and I appreciate the opportunity to experiment and hang in when things got tough.  Also, I’ve never felt so close to Big Bird (love you Boo).


Captain Insano

Double A

Double Down (R)




Zebra (FNG)



Pinto (FNG)


Little Jerry (R)




Mama’s Boy


Porkchop (Q)




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