8/1/18 Blender Backblast: #Coupons #Core #IAintAfraidOfNoGhost


QIC: Wham!

21 PAX: Noxeema Jackson; Captain Insane-O; Nugget; Buschhhhh; Back Draft; Sump Pump; Mouth; Pyle; Left Eye; Loco; Cow Bell; Tiger; Old Bay; Mad Cow; Zartan; Star Child; Taureen; Zoolander; Zima; Red Roof; Wham!

Time: 0530

Weather: Dry and pleasant (AKA the Anti-Tuesday)

ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Nothing notable other than a sweet tie-dye Flora-Bama Lounge, Package & Oyster Bar tank top (with heart on the back) which I may or may not have purchased in Perdido Key on Spring Break after enjoying the unique experience of drinking bloody mary’s while attending Easter service on the beach.  It’s a gem.

The O will always be my true love.  It’s where my F3 experience began and where, as the divorce attorney in me would say, my F3 heart primarily resides.  That said, The Mutt (Holy Trinity) is near and dear to me too, but not necessarily because of what it offers in terms of an AO (although it does have a fancy new running path, a portico, a guy named Zartan, and a coupon supply that never disappears), but because of the new friendships it brought me at a perfect time in my life.  Specifically, The Mutt started its journey as an AO on August 22, 2017 (I know this date because it was the same day as my VQ at The O), which was right around the time my daughter started Pre-K there and just a few months after the M and I decided to join the parish.

For those that don’t know, Holy Trinity is a big parish/school and so it can be intimidating to a newbie, especially someone like YHC who is not a natural extrovert.  Enter F3 and an AO at Holy Trinity into my life, however, and I suddenly had lots of friends and familiar faces at church and school events that I would not have otherwise had.  The Mutt was a game changer for me, and for that, I am grateful.

The clock struck 0530, a disclaimer was given, and we were off for a lap around the school before circling up in the front parking lot for the following:

– 15 Side Straddle Hops in 4 Count Cadence (For the record, Zoolander ZC’ed and conveniently missed the SSHs he so strongly dislikes)
– 10 BOYOs
– 15 Imperial Walkers in 4 Count Cadence
– 15 Merkins in 2 Count cadence
– Plank, Right Leg Up, Left Leg Up, Right Arm Up, Left Arm Up, Down to Elbows, Recover

Thang 1
For those few of you who read my Pre-Blast, my theme today was to leave my comfort zone and push my limits by leading a coupon and core workout with very little running.  In fact, other than the warmup lap around the school, there was no running today, which is the opposite of my normal Q.  To effectuate this, every Pax grabbed a coupon and headed to the football field where they partnered up and anxiously waited for instruction from YHC.

The concept I drew up was for 5 minute intervals of one partner doing AMRAP core work while the other partner farmer carried both coupons for approximately 50 yards, then dropped one coupon and bear crawled with the other coupon (aka Louisville Honey Pot) for approximately 25 yards, at which time he did 15 reps of a specified exercise, carried the coupon back to the coupon he dropped, and then farmer carried both coupons back to his partner so they could switch duties.  Here are the core and coupon-related exercises we did for 5 minute intervals:

  • P1: Flutter Kicks; P2: 15 Coupon Thrusters
  • P1: Pickle Pounders; P2: 15 Coupon Curls
  • P1: Rosalitas; P2: 15 Derkins
  • P1: Plank; P2: 15 Incline Merkins

A few practice pointers for this Thang:

  • The distance for the coupon portion of the Thang was too far because the coupon portion of it took too long.  After the first interval, I moved the distance in by approximately 10-15 yards.  I also had to cut the last interval short by a minute.
  • As was said earlier today on the Twitter, incorporating pickle pounders into a WO almost guarantees great mumble chatter, especially when the pickle pounders are with 10 other guys and lasts for 2+ minutes.
  • Shout out to CI for correctly pointing out that my demonstration of pickle pounders (requested by Mouth) was a bit “aggressive” in that I was holding myself up with my arms extended rather than on my elbows.  No one wants to do pickle pounders while fully extended.

Thang 2
Because Thang 1 was centered around coupon work, Thang 2 had to be a core-related workout.  A quick trip to the F3 Louisville website and a search for “core” under the “Exercises” link presented me with the perfect end to my Q…a 4 minute plank set to the Ghostbusters theme song with burpees and plank jacks intermingled within.  The exact instructions were to plank for the entire song, complete a burpee each time the song said “Ghostbusters,” and plank jack during the “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” portion of the song.  I did not count (Tron, can you do this?), but we did a lot of burpees, a lot of plank jacks, and a lot of planking before the clock struck 0615 and we were spent.

We counted off, called out our hospital and F3 names, made announcements, and then shared intentions both out loud and in our heart. I gave some thoughts that were intended to be thankful and inspirational (be present in life!) and we all moseyed back to our non-F3 lives to dominate the day.

Thanks for letting me lead you gents this morning and helping me get out of my comfort zone.  Life is good and F3 is a huuuuuge (Trump-style) part of that.  Until next time…


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