PAX (16): Tiger, Yogi, Blueprint, Wham-O, Cornbread, Left Eye, Tureen, Geppetto, Chestnut, Meatball, Nugget, Seabass (2.0), Mayberry, Hand Jive (FNG), Soft Top (FNG), Deuce (Q)

Weather: Nothing to complain about

Gearlander: Smedium shirt I received from volunteering at the Purple Stride 5k.

I was pretty excited about this one.  We had 2 FNGs that I have known for quite a long time.  Yogi and Nugget deserve all the credit for getting them both there, and it was a blast to have them out there.

Disclaimer was given, and stress that modifying is something we all have to do, so do it if your body is telling you so.

Quick mosey along the back parking lot.  Circle up:  SSH (25 IC), Grass grabbers (20 IC), downward dog, then Kendra Newmans and some quad stretches.

Head down to the coupon garden, where we would start.

Thang 1 – Escalator or ladder thing.  I had placed a marker around the new running path that I figured was 1/2 the way around it.

Starting in the coupon garden – 10 burpees.  After complete, run around the path to the marker, where PAX did 10 burpees and 20 merkins.  After those were complete, continue run around the path until you get back to the coupon garden – 10 burpees, 20 merkins, 30 LBCs.  After those were complete, start around the path again until reaching the half-way marker – 10 burpees, 20 merkins, 30 LBCs and 40 deep squats.  When complete finish the lap to end at the coupon garden

Thang 2 – Partner up.  One partner grab a coupon and head to the football field.

Line up along one of the soccer goals.  I had placed another marker out in the field, and where we were going to do some 200s.

While Partner 1 bear crawled to the flag and moseyed back, Partner 2 would start on coupon curls.  Switch and repeat until 200 combined curls attained.

Next, Partner 1 lunge walked to the flag and moseyed back.  Partner 2 did coupon rows.  Again switch and repeat until 200 combined rows attained.

Finally it was broad jumps and coupon presses.

There was some mutinous grumbling toward the end of this, so I figured it was time to return the coupons and finish up.

Thang 3 – we headed up the escalator/ladder earlier, so it was time to head down.  This time Mary would be accompanying us.

Rather than run around the path, time was only going to permit us to run around the school, stopping at each corner.  This was done as a group.

Corner 1 – 40 gas pumps, 30 American Hammers, 20 box cutters, 10 big boi sit ups.

Mosey to Corner 2 – 30 American Hammers, 20 box cutters, 10 big boi sit ups.

Mosey to Corner 3 – 20 box cutters, 10 big boi sit ups

Mosey to Corner 4 (although Seabass and Tureen had an AYG footrace, which was awesome) – 10 big boi sit ups.

COT – count and name-o-ramas, announcements and then intentions given, and a quick prayer.


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