Tank 8/15 BB: 1,890 Burpees and 5,400 yards

Insano posted an article from Men’s Health a few months ago. The gist was how members of the military are trained to maintain physical conditioning if they’re ever captured by the enemy. I thought the good HIMs of the Tank should give the workout a try, and off we went.

PAX: Tony Malito, Dealer for the People, Jolly Rancher, Aerobie (R), Meatball, Snowday, Crash, Eastwood, PK, QIC Retainer

COP: Mosey to side parking lot. 25 SSH, 20 grass grabbers, plank 10 seconds, left hand plank 10 seconds, plank 10 seconds, right hand plank 10 seconds, plank 10 seconds, left calf plank stretch 10 seconds, right calf plank stretch 10 seconds.

Then, mosey to the baseball outfield and pre-set cones for the Thang.

Thang 1: Special Forces Training

Insano’s article claimed that members of the military, when confined to a cramped space, are trained to work out by doing 20 burpees in one corner, walk to the opposite corner for 19 burpees, and then continue the pattern until you get down to 1 burpee, for a total of 210. We modified it a bit. Instead of a mosey between corners, we added a full blown, 30-yard sprint at top speed between each set. There was lots of modifying. And a few burpees were subbed with merkins and squats. But I think I might have finally turned in my first facemelter as Q.

210 burpees called x 9 PAX = 1,890 burpees. 20 sprints @ 30 yards x 9 pax = 5,400 yards.

Thang 2:

We had 10 minutes to spare, so we circled up for a Retainer count off. First, count to 140, with 1-10 BBSUs, 11-20 LBCs, 21-30 rest, rinse and repeat up to 140. Second, count to 110, with 1-10 Weezy Jeffersons, 11-20 butterfly kicks, 21-30 rest, rinse and repeat up to 110.

Thang 3:

Still had 4 minutes to spare. So one last merkin waterfall for good measure.

Circled up for the COT. Announcements re Tony Malito’s VQ, Q school at the County on Saturday. Intentions shared. Closed with the Our Father in unison.

I continue to love this group. The famous line is that you are the five people you spend the most time with. If the PAX count collectively as one of my five, I’ll be doing okay for the rest of the day.

Retainer out.

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