08.16.18 Extender Back Blast – Old Bay waterboarding…again

2 weeks ago I Q’d the Rooster at the Mutt during a pretty severe thunderstorm.  This morning I Q’d the Extender at the Mutt during a pretty sever thunderstorm.   Truth be told, I was annoyed when I looked out the window this morning.  Was anyone going to come this time?  Would I give the boys my best when I’m kind of tired and annoyed?  Each PAX, literally every PAX that showed up this morning reminded me that the storms have been following me lately.  Similar to what CI said in his back blast, I’m trying to get better at managing and responding to things that are outside of my control.   I modified my weinke in my head a bit.  Playground would be no bueno.  Let’s get it on, and take it to 11.

Q: Old Bay

PAX (10): Wham-O, Deuce, Glen Ross, Yogi, Blueprint, Pink Panther, Fridge, Tiger, Hamm, Old Bay (Q)

Disclaimer given, and we mosey around the school.  Wham-O shares that he was on a  golf course one time and he saw a guy get hit by lightning.  Well, the lightning hit the tree that the guy was standing under, but it knocked him down and blew his shoes off.  Okay, we need to talk about something else.  I’m mentally preparing an evacuation/shelter plan if it gets dicey.  Now its mostly just rai– HHHEYYYOOOOOO — that was a big lightning strike.

COP: 11 SSH, 11 Imperial Walkers, 11 Copperhead Squats, repeat.

Thang 1: 11’s.  Line up along curb across from front of school and Portico.  Sprint across lot to the wall under cover and get on your six, head touching the wall.  10 Heels to Heaven, toes touch the wall above your head.  Straight legs, don’t let your heels touch the ground when coming back down.  Sprint back to the curb and do 1 burpee.  Then 9/2, 8/3 and so on until 1 Heels to Heaven, and 10 Burpees.  This was hard.  Great work to everyone as we pushed through.  Especially now that you are carrying 6 additional pounds of water in your shoes and clothes.

Thang 2: More 11’s.  Everyone grab a coupon, and head back up to the lot.  Drop coupons in a line, and mosey back across lot to our starting point.  Sprint across lot to coupons, 10 Thrusters with coupon, sprint back to starting point and do 1 Merkin.  Then 9/2, 8/3 and so on until 1 Thruster, and 10 Merkins.  This was also hard on my delicate little shoulders.

Thang 3: More More 11’s but we are short on time, so I called these 10’s by 2’s.  Leave coupons, head back to starting line.  Sprint across to coupon and do 8 hand-over-hand Merkins, sprint back to start and do 2 squat jumps.  Then do 6/4, 4/6, and 2/8.  Put the coupons away.

Thang 4:  About 3 minutes left.  Perfect for a V-Up timebomb.  Mumble Chatter killer.  This sucked, but the back farts make me giggle.  We did not finish the time bomb.  At 0614:30, I audibled, and told everyone to keep straight legs and hold 6 inches for 30 seconds.  There were all the predictable comments about holding 6 inches for 30 seconds.  Again, I giggle.  TIME.

COR.  NOR.  Announcements and Intentions.  I offered another prayer of gratitude.  Gratitude for the blessings we all have, and gratitude for the accountability we offer each other.  I would have laughed out loud if you told me a year ago that I would lead a workout in the pouring rain at 0530.  But we don’t leave anyone hanging in this group.  Great job this morning boys – keep at it!

Old Bay out.

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