Q: McAfee

Pax (6): Glass Joe, Flo Jo, OJ, Fergie, Wham!, McAfee.

Conditions: 69 degrees, strong and steady rain, lightning was creeping in trying to scare us away, but we were not deterred. The weinke ( or meinke) was in jeopardy but we were able to modify for the circumstances.

Gearlander: Dry-fit shorts, U of l dry-fit shirt, Nike dry-fit gold hat, Reebok cross trainers, and Lorpen trail socks.

As part of this AO challenge, I have been making my rounds to all the other AOs. Last week, when I posted at the O, OJ asked who could Q the following week and I volunteered to come back the next week to deliver a beatdown.

At 4:45 AM this morning I was woken up by a large crash of thunder right outside my house. Normally I don’t wake up for these things, but since I have been getting up earlier for F3 and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to Q this morning, this thunderstorm helped to jump start my day.

For any of you who follow the F3 Louisville twitter account, I definitely had that conversation with my wife (who does FiA BTW) and she asked if I was still planning on going out this morning. My response was, “Of course, I am Qing and I know others will be there waiting for me. I cannot let them down!”

As I was driving to the O, the weather was starting to turn, and I could not tell if it was good or bad. I checked with CI as I was driving since I knew he was Qing at the County. “Use your best judgment” was the takeaway from him. So as I arrived at the O and saw several others there ready to go, I thought to myself, here goes nothing.

With all the rain, my original plan was out the window so we had to modify to make it happen. CI explains this process well in his BB, so give it a read. I had the same issues this morning but made it happen for the 5 other PAX who came out.

Here it is:

We moseyed to the tennis courts where I gave a disclaimer. Modifications are acceptable and if the weather changes we could adjust our workout accordingly, or even stop if necessary. Safety was my key for the morning.



15 Abe Vigodas IC

15 Copperhead Squats IC


I made a modified circuit for us to complete as many rounds as we could in 30 minutes.

15 Burpees – Then run around the perimeter of the tennis court (1 lap)

20 Diamond Merkins – Run a lap

20 Big Boi Situps – Run a lap

20 Merkins – Run a lap

20 Carolina Dry Docks – Run a lap

*On round 2 perform walking lunges on the short ends of the court during the run.

**On round 3 perform bear crawls on the short ends of the court during the run.

We were able to finish 3 rounds before 6:10 AM hit and then we circled up for some MARY. (Each exercised was chosen by a PAX member, we had lost Glass Joe and Wham! by this point.)

10 Bow Cutters IC

10 Gas Pumps IC

10 Heels to Heaven IC

Spell out the ABCs with our feet

As we finished we moseyed back toward our cars for COR, NOR, and COT.

We had a few announcements – Q/Lead School at St. Als on Saturday at the County. The Star Course guys are logging some rucking miles on Saturday, not sure where yet but find Kilo, Skid, OJ or PK for info. Intentions were lifted up. Flo Jo mentioned losing a lifelong friend, who left behind a wife and kids. Backdraft mentioned something in COT yesterday regarding mental illnesses and how detrimental they can be. Hearing about Flo Jo’s friend reminding me of this and how we can be a beacon of light to our community.

My prayer for the guys with me this morning and for our group is that we are not timid men and that we speak up and speak out to those who need this group. Not just for physical fitness and health reasons, but for hope, security, love compassion and all the other gifts that this group brings to the men who are a part of it. Don’t let distractions or the world get in the way, be bolder and braver and step out on a limb for the men in your life. Go be a #HIM today!

-McAfee Out

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