Pax: OJ, Skid, PK, Wham!, Red Roof, SumpPump, Glen Ross

we haven’t had a ruck at the Mutt in a long time.  So OJ was kind enough to offer up a rare 3 for 1 deal today.  One Ruck at 3:45- OJ, Skid, PK.  Hard to believe we only had 3 for this one.

OJ agreed to meet up at 6:15 for the shorter Ruck.  Me,Wham! Red Roof, SumpPump met up with the others for 6:15 Ruck, which covered 2.6 miles in 41 minutes.  Mumblechatter covered a lot of topics- great time and need to get more of these on the calendar

Closed out the morning raging to an OJ led beatdown.  Thanks OJ



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