BackBlast #BlackOps #theCounty 9/22/18 Abacus Q

The first day of fall 2018 brought the PAX out for a wonderful beat down in nearly perfect conditions. F3 Louisville’s growth over the last year has been remarkable. Nearly 200 PAX got better today doing something…rucking, pride week, ranger panty rucking (my eyes burn thinking about this) or an Abacus beat down. Maybe not 200, but it was more than a few!

Nine PAX made their way to the gloom of #theCounty.

Big Bird
GOAT 2.0
Selfie (FNG)
Roker (FNG)
Abacus Q

Welcomed our FNGs and asked what they knew about F3. Both had an idea of what to expect. Standard disclaimer and we were off. Mosey around the church and school and circle for COP.

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Steve Earle, Nancy Kerrigan, Kendra Newman, LBCs

Mosey to chapel parking lot


4 Corners: Partner Up. Partner 1 Bear Crawl to corner (5 merkins), Duck walk to next corner (5 merkins), Crab walk to next corner (5 merkins), Frog Hop to last corner

Partner 2 flutter kicks until relieved

2 times through

Mosey to playground


With Partner 50 pull-ups each. Partner 1 pull-ups / Partner 2 AMRAP Burpees

Mosey to parking lot


Route 66

At each corner 1 merkin, then 2, then 3, etc. to 11.

Second time around Route 66 replace merkin with Big Boy Sit-up

Mosey to caboose


Step-ups or Jump ups and dips (1:4 ratio) made it to 10:40

Mosey back to Church lot

2 minutes of Mary

Gas pumps, rosalitas

Circled around the flag for COT, name o rama and I took us out with words about what F3 means to me and asked God to watch over us today!

Until next time, Abacus

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