Pleasantville – Wisteria 11/16

The Pax: Mudbug, Valdez, Nice & Slow, Porkchop, Jolly Rancher, Grinder, Fergie (Q)
The weather: 32 degrees; frost, ice and snow on the grassy areas.

“The best laid plan o’er mice and men, often go awry.” Well, I didn’t actually have a great plan, but I had some ideas of what my weinke should look like. Plans changed as I did my pre work-out recon, and realized the area for Thang 1 was covered in snow, and worse yet, ice. Much like Roger Goodell, player safety is my #1 concern.

It was cold, and my preblast promised we would keep moving, so we did.

Started with a short mosey from the flag to get warmed up. 35 SSHs or so, 15 grass grabbers, 10 squat jacks and a lot of leg and arm stretching.

Thang 1
There is a slight hill nearby, so we used that in place of the amphitheater stairs (ice and snow covered) for some 11s. Bottom of the hill for some burpees, top of the hill for squats. By the end, I think everyone was a little less worried about the temperature.

Thang 2
Airplane informed us during his last Q that the walking track is a 1/2 mile, with 11 light posts spaced throughout. The next exercise was ladders. Starting at post 1, the Pax ran to post 2. 10 jump lunges. Back to post 1 for 10 merkins. Next was a run to post 3 for 10 jump lunges. Back to post 1 for 10 merkins. You get the picture. I didn’t get the count, but think we made around 6 or 7 posts in total.

After that, time was called and we were back to the flag. I heard reports of 2.2 to 2.9 miles of running. Altogether not what I planned, but I think we made due. Thanks to the Pax for coming out and braving the cold and snowy conditions.

We counted off, and attendance was taken
Intentions were given; in particular for Double Down.

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