Backblast-So. Indiana 12-8-18

Pax: April, Lego, Puddin, and Plumb Bob (Q) plus a shout out to Grinder for at least showing up.

I was happy to Q the new BO site at the 4-H Fairgrounds in New Albany.  I met up with Grinder early for a ruck so I could get one more look at the site to finalize the weinke.  Grinder showed up a few minutes late because his GPS took him to Peden Park which is on the back side of the fairgrounds.  Methane made the same mistake a few weeks ago when he was the Site Q.  For those of you wanting to join us in the future, DO NOT go to Peden Park on Grant Line Road; go to the Floyd County 4-H Fairgrounds on Green Valley Road.

After the ruck, Grinder had to leave because of a work emergency but I was joined by April, Lego, and Puddin’.  After the pleasantries and disclaimers we started to mosey.  We stopped for SSH followed by another mosey.  We stopped for some grass-grabbers and  then another short mosey.  We finished our warmup with some Hillbillies, downward dog, cobras, and one more short mosey.

There is a path leading from the fairgrounds up the hill to the park that has 3 zig-zags.  At each turn there is a concrete circle.  We stopped at the first circle for some timed  AMRAP Mary.  45 second exercise with a 15 second rest.

  1. LBC
  2. American Hammers
  3. Rosalitas
  4. Alternating oblique crunches
  5. Freddie Mercuries

We ran to the second circle and repeated, ran to the third and repeated again.  By this time our abs were gassed

We stayed here for some Lt. Dans. (1 squat, 4 lunges followed by 2 squats, 8 lunges,… up to 10 squats, 40 lunges)

With legs gassed we did some Jack Webbs. (1 dip, 4 air raises… up to 10 dips, 40 air raises)

We circled up for a 7 count murkin time bomb, ran to the second circle for another 7 count murkin time bomb, ran to the third circle and, yep, another 7 count murkin time bomb.

We moseyed back toward the flag stopping for a few cool down stretches.

We gathered for the COT, had a couple announcements, sent a few prayers up including one for our brother Double Down.

I appreciate the pax coming out to let me lead them for an hour on a cold Saturday morning.

Plumb Bob

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