12/24 The O BO Back Blast

PAX: Plumb Bob (Q), Pope, Noxema Jackson, Gillespie, Tron, Deuce, Blueprint, Sump Pump, Nice n Slow

As a I stated in the preblast, I wanted to give some men the opportunity to get out without doing 45 minutes of burpees. (Much respect to those that did!!) However, I did promise that we would do some burpees and that I would donate $.10 per burpee to the cause.  This was a first for me, because I had never had burpees at any of my previous Qs.

Upon arrival, I set up a speaker and played a little Pentatonix Christmas music to help get us in the spirit.  I didn’t expect many to post being that it was a day off for most plus the beginning of a long and tiring couple of days.  As usual, the men of F3 Louisville surprised and humbled me.  We had a total of 9 ready to get better.

Once I got the pleasantries and disclaimers out of the way I stuck to promise and we started with 5 BOYOS.  Followed by a quick mosey around the tennis courts and circled up for some warmup.

COP: 20 SSH, 20 Grassgrabbers, 20 Hillbillies, Downward Dog and runner stretches, and 5 BOYOS.

THANG 1: We started with some Mary to get the abs good and smoked.

  • 20 LBC IC
  • 20 American Hammers IC
  • 20 V-ups
  • 20 Freedie Mercuries
  • Spelled “MERRY CHRISTMAS”  (Borrowed from Grinder’s 12/22 WO at The Mutt)
  • REPEAT (Spelled “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” second time)
  • 5 BOYOS

THANG 2: We partnered up. P1 cariocaed (is that a word?) two tennis courts and alternated between 20 squats with a coupon and 20 alternating lunges with Bernies back.

P2 started with

  • 100 Catalina Wine Makers
  • 100 Overhead Presses
  • 200 Curls
  • 200 Bench Presses
  • 200 Calf Raises

After calling off the order, I threw in a little curve ball.  After we switched from one exercise to the next, each team would do 5 BOYOS.

THANG 3: I realized that time wasn’t passing as quickly as I has hoped I asked for some ideas from the PAX.  Sump Pump came up with the great idea of a team wheel barrow race. Deuce being the odd man out bear crawled.  About halfway through being pulled along by Sump Pump, I realized that he doesn’t like to compete if he doesn’t win.  The man took off like a boss.  Unfortunately I wasn’t quite as quick as he was and we overtaken on the way back for a respectable 2rd place. Afterwards was 5 BOYOS.  Our next great idea was a suicide run to each tennis court.  As we all came in huffing and puffing I realized we had ALMOST had enough for one morning.  Our last set of 5 more BOYOS.  That was a total of 10 sets of 5 BOYOS by 9 HIMs for a total of 450 burpees.

I ended up with a few cool down stretches since we had a little more time. We circled up for the COT, count off, name-o-rama, and announcements.  We had a few intentions and I thanked the men for coming out on what was the beginning of a couple of busy days,  I expressed my appreciation for F3 as whole and explained that it has finally hit me in the past few weeks that it is a lot more than just a workout group.

Thanks to all that showed up, to all you other men that constantly provide the support and encouragement needed, and especially to Geppetto for finally head locking me after about a year’s worth of excuses.

Plumb Bob


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