1/1/19 Rooster/BoW Backblast: What Hangover?


QsIC: Deuce & Wham!

17 PAX:  Sump Pump; Plumb Bob; Wham-O; Digiorno; Dynomite!; Geppetto; Red Roof; Tron; Huggies; Bear (2.0); Bad News (DR from St. Louis); Blueprint; Gillespie; Dry Rub; Miyagi; Deuce (Co-Q); Wham! (Co-Q)

Time: 0700

Weather: 45ish Degrees; Dry

ZooZooLemon Gear Check: Wham!: Black Nike long sleeve shirt; Blue Duo Dry short sleeve shirt; Black shorts, Black and Gray Swiftwick socks (Thank you Santa); Black F3 Hat; Solomon Speedcross 3’s.  Deuce:  All I can recall is he was wearing a hat

One “fun” thing (eye roll emoji) about being a Site Q is that you get the “opportunity” to Q if no one else volunteers.  So given the fact that last night was New Years Eve, it was not surprising that Deuce and I got such an opportunity this morning.  Figuring turnout would be low, we decided to hold a St. Matthews convergence of sorts at the Mutt by combining the Bag of Wrenches and Rooster and moving the start time from 0530 to 0700.  Deuce and I half-joked with each other that if no one else showed up, we would just go get coffee, but that scenario was never a possibility as 17 Pax (including Huggie’s 2.0 Bear and DR Bad News from St. Louis) showed up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (some more than others).

Quick lap around the school before Deuce circled us up for the following (this is my best recollection):

– 5 BOYOs
– SSHs
– 5 BOYOs
– Grass Grabbers
– 5 BOYOs
– Imperial Walkers
– 5 BOYOs

Thang 1
YHC was in charge of the first two Thangs this morning.  For Thang 1, we partnered up, grabbed coupons (one per “partnership”) and headed down to the bottom of Cherrywood Road at the entrance of Maryhill Estates.

Partner 1 “ran” from the bottom of the hill to the stop sign at the Cherrywood/Leland intersection and back down while Partner 2 did AMRAP Burpees.  This repeated until the partners combined for 75 burpees.  Once the burpees were completed, we continued the same pattern with squats (150 total) and side straddle hops (200 total).  Everyone seemed to enjoy this.  Once we finished, we headed to the basketball court just past the playground for Thang 2.

Thang 2
We lined up on the baseline under one of the goals and stayed partnered up.  Partner 1 bear crawled the length of the court and then broad jumped back while his partner did rosalita’s.  Each partner did this once.  We then did the same thing except we switched out the rosalita’s for flutter kicks and then big boy sit-ups.  The Pax were given the option of holding their coupon over them while doing the rosalita’s and flutter kicks, although I’m not sure anyone actually did.  I did not.

Thang 3
This is when Deuce took over.  First on the agenda was to lunge walk around the school while stopping every so often to do some type of exercise.  We also still had coupons to carry for a portion of this until we made it back to their resting place.  The exercises we did during this Thang included Freddie Mercuries, V-Ups, and a few other things that I cannot recall.

Thang 4
For Thang 4, Deuce took the Pax on a nice 1ish mile (guesstimate) run through the neighborhood while making stops for various exercises that were primarily merkin-focused.  These included regular merkins, diamond merkins, hand-release merkins (twice!), incline merkins, derkins and dips [side note: Deuce called the last set of hand-release merkins at the entrance of Maryhill Estates at the bottom of Cherrywood in honor of Captain Insane-O having the Pax do 300 such merkins at the very same spot during his birthday-Q 6 days ago].

There was 1 minute left when we returned to the shovel flag and so we ended things the same way we started things this morning: 5 BOYOs.

We circled up for count-a-rama, name-a-rama, announcements and intentions.  Deuce thanked the Pax for such a solid post-NYE showing and then led us out with a short prayer.

Enjoyed it gents!  Looking forward to watching F3 Louisville continue to grow and evolve in 2019.

– Wham!

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