1/12 Backblast at the O #ruiner #milkandbread


It’s why they get paid the big bucks folks.  A meteorological genius here with his forecast.

Been eyeing the forecast all week.  Knowing potential bad weather would hit Friday night coupled with the amazing Ruck event last night held by PK and Malito, I knew the turnout could be slim.  5 HIMs joined me for a snowy, slushy, beatdown.

Q – OJ

PAX: Wham!, Violet, Vincent (R), Deuce, Tron

The start was a short mosey around the loop and back to the tennis courts.  They looked really wet.  This would be a mistake.

The plan was to incorporate about 50 BOYOs within the first few minutes of COP to keep everyone warm.

10 BOYOs – ok the ground was all slushy and wet so all of our hands were completely submerged after the first exercise.

OK – not doing those anymore, we’ve got an hour to fill and our hands were already freezing.

25 SSHs IC

25 Imperial Squat Walkers IC

10 Slow Count Count Grass Grabbers IC

25 Copperhead Squats IC

*Mistake number 2, wanted to do some bear crawls to start.  Again, why did I do this?  Gloves completely soaked again.  Why, just why?

Next I had intended to use the parking lot at Christian Academy for coupons and partners.  When I passed by, it had already been cleared by a snow plow.

After grabbing the coupons, I quickly diverted us to the snowy field where we’d all have better traction.

P1 – Bernie Sanders to the other end of the field – 10 Bobby Hurleys, sprint back

P2 – Coupon Curls AMRAP

P1 – Karaoke to the other end of the field – 10 Groiners, sprint back

P2 – Coupon Thrusters AMRAP

P1 – High knees to the other end of the field – 10 Monkey Hummers, sprint back

P2 – Coupon Swings AMRAP

P1 – AYG to the other end of the field – 10 SSHs (4 Count), sprint back

P2 – Man Makers AMRAP

P1 – Butt Kickers to the other end of the field – 10 Lunges (ea leg .5), sprint back

P2- Coupon Rows AMRAP

P1 – Mario to the other end of the field – 15 Merkins, sprint back

P2 – Coupon Bench Press AMRAP

Returned the coupons and took a mosey back into Seneca Gardens neighborhood

Lined up at the bottom of Danes Hall Dr – If you by chance know this street, it’s pretty steep all the way to the top and it’s lined with some of the most beautiful homes around.

Here we ran up the street stopping at every other driveway and would turn around and do 10 Derkins at each stop.  Probably 5 stops to the top.  We’d repeat this all the way down to the bottom.

Round two would call for the same replacing Derkins with Decline Mountain Climbers, five stops up and five stops back down.  I really think we should use this street more often.


We headed back to the flags to find a nice dry snowy patch for a round of Jack Webbs.

Merkins to Shoulder taps (thanks Glauc) 10-40, needed a couple of breaks in between this one, woof!

Six minutes of Mary

20 Box Cutters IC

20 V Ups IC

20 Gas Pumps IC

20 Single Leg Flutters IC (10 ea leg)

20 Dying Cockroaches


Thanked the men for coming out on a nasty morning.  These are the workouts you remember.  We don’t get up for easy.  Closed us out in prayer thanking the Good Lord above for a wonderful group of men.




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