Backblast- 1/10 Extender at the Mutt

YHC’s usual daily routine of being active, on my feet all day and eating like a bird until dinner was interrupted this week when I spent Tuesday and Wednesday sitting in meetings at our headquarters in Dallas, pounding my face with test sandwiches. As I flew back home late Wednesday night, I was worried about my prospects as the Q at the Extender the next morning. I felt like I’d put on at least five to ten pounds and was pretty sluggish. Luckily a night of sleep in my own bed did the trick and I woke up feeling refreshed and energized for Thursday’s workout.

PAX: PED, Backdraft (aka The Infamous Mr. Nipple…more on that later), Old Bay, Wham-O, Captain Insane-o, Pepperoni, Blueprint, Sprinkler, Glen Ross, Fridge, Patchwork, Zima, Messi, Grinder (Q)

After my now-and-forevermore extensive disclaimers, we moseyed the short way to the big lot for warm-ups: SSH’s, Hillbillies, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog and Hip Stretch. Next, we counted off by two’s and each group headed down Brookfield in a Native American run, ending at St. Matthews Ave. Hitching a right towards Leland, each group lined up in plank position and the Goups did different types of planks while the PAX in the back of the group made his way to the front by way of broad-Jump Burpees. After the final PAX had reached the front of the group, we stayed in formation for a Scout Run up Leland and around to the coupon garden.

After picking up coupons, we headed back to the big lot and split up into two groups of four and two groups of three for a mutated starfish. In this case, there were six arms (merkins, plank jacks, Bobby Hurley’s, mountain climbers, overhead presses with coupon and coupon squats, with burpees in the center. Round one was one burpee, then ten reps at each station with one burpee back in the middle between each exercise. For round two, we did two burpees, then twenty reps at each station. In the interest of time, the final round was a speed round with no burpees and only five reps at each station, however all the runs were AYG for that round.

We had about six minutes left which was enough time to return the coupons then do some Mary: LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Freddie Mercury’s, Pretzel crunches, and one-leg flutters. We headed back to the flag for our usual finish, and after finishing our COT, Backdraft attempted an awkward high five that resulted in his hand swiping across my chest. With freezing cold temps, certain upper body parts were standing at attention through my tight cold gear and as his hand left my chest, he exclaimed, “Sorry about your nipple!” The flurry of comments from the PAX that came after were as priceless as his exclamation and made an already awesome morning that much more memorable.

Thanks to all that attended. I’m humbled, as always, for the opportunity to lead and didn’t feel violated whatsoever by Backdraft’s nipple swipe if you were wondering. He can swipe my nipple anytime.

Grinder out.


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