02.08.2019. BB. Miyagi Q @ The Tank. The Vet. Omaha!

When: 0530

Where: The Vet

# of PAX: 17

PAX: Geppetto, Aerobie (R), Tony Malito, Deep Dish, Maxi, Vincent (R), Snow Day, Drysdale, Back Draft, Fungi, Kemble, Meatball, Dry Rub, Storm Trooper, Huggies, Dynomite, and Miyagi (Q)

As the preblast hinted at….it was BURPEE TIME! With that being said, here’s what happened.

YHC arrived at 0505 to verify that the softball field was open. It wasn’t. YHC has only been to The Vet once before, so he was relying on this when he planned the winke. Not a good situation. Time to call an audible…OMAHA!


Started with a disclaimer, and off for a short mosey around the new monument circle.

It was cold. Really cold. So we did a bit of stretching to assure that no one would get hurt, because YHC was ready to move.


5 x BOYOs

25 x SSH IC

5 x BOYOs

15 x Grass Grabbers IC

5 x BOYOs

15 x Abe Vagodas IC

5 x BOYOs

Thang 1

Scout run down to the parking lot at the very bottom of the hill behind the softball field. Person in the front of the line sprints ahead 10 seconds, and then drops to 3 x BOYOs before rejoining the PAX in the back of the line.

Thang 2

Once at the parking lot we did the following

bear crawled 2 parking spaces

5 x Merkins

bear crawled 2 spaces

5 x Copper Head Squats

bear crawl 2 spaces

5 x BOYOs

Repeat until all the way across the parking lot. On the way back we split up in 2 groups and formed 2 single file lines. The 6 would then bear crawl to the front while the remainder of the PAX held plank. Repeat until back to the front of the parking lot.

Thang 3

Mosied back to the old parking lot where we met before the they reopened the new section. There we started at the grass median closest to the pathway.

5 x BOYOs

Sprint to next median

10 x BOYOs

Sprint to last median

15 x BOYOs

Dead sprint all the way back to first median

5 x BOYOs

Thang 4

Ring of Fire for some Mary. Minimum count of 10. Max count of 15. The wind was real, and so was the gas being passed.

Mosey back to the flag for 5 x BOYOs, and then time to circle up.


Quick name-o-rama, and then announcements.

Intentions were deep that day. Co workers dealing with their father talking suicide, one of our own F3 brother’s dealing with the loss of a family member, and other situations of loss.

Suicide is too real. Mental health is important. We have all personally had to deal with one of these issues with a friend, or struggle ourselves. I personally deal with depression and anxiety. I know what it’s like to sit in a room full of friends and feel alone. I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed when nothing is happening. And I know what it’s like to lose someone to suicide. None of these are good experiences. None of these are anything I wish upon anyone.

They do remind me though that it is our responsibility to make every encounter count. To make every interaction with every person we meet matter. From telling your family that you love them, to a smile and thank you to the cashier at krogers, and even a wave and recognition to the homeless man if you don’t have anything to spare.

I heard a story along time ago:

There was a young man who was walking home from school one day of his freshman year of high school. He had his hands full of what seemed to be every text book he owned. A group of students ran up and knocked the books out of his hands, and proceeded to push him over. As the students laughed at him one of their friends came running up, told off his friends, helped up the student, and helped him carry his books all the way to his house.

Every day from there on out he walked home with this student and helped him carry his books. Together they grew to be best of friends, even though they had little to nothing in common.

Four years later the two friends attended graduation together. The young man who was pushed down and humiliated freshman year had grown to be class valedictorian, homecoming king, and was pre accepted to be a premed student at an Ivy League University. As valedictorian he was asked to give the commencement speech.

At the end of his speech he said, “I need to thank my best friend for everything I have accomplished.” He then asked for the young man who stood up for him to stand. “If it weren’t for this man standing before you today I would not be alive today. On that first day, and every day after that I carried all my books home with me and you helped, I had been planning on killing myself. I had emptied my locker so that my parents wouldn’t have to do that, but because of you I never did it. You are the reason I am still alive today.”

Be present. Make every encounter count. Check on your friends. Reach out if you’re hurting. Take care guys. God bless.

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