2/26/19 BackBlast- BO @ Bayside

Enjoyed throwing a Tuesday black ops workout at Bayside. The regular PAX at Bayside are committed to this thang! The Tuesday WO is almost a guarantee it will be going down every week, as someone will always step up and take it and the PAX will show!

Weather Conditions: Clear sky – slight chill in the air- perfect to get a lot done

PAX: Charolais (R), Shuttlecock (R), Fanny Pack (R), Birdie, Sadie (Q)

05:30- Disclaimer. Right before we took off, a car pulled in and went by us. You could see the driver clearly looking at directions on his phone. He whipped into a spot in line with the rest of our cars. We thought we had visiting PAX or FNG joining us. We waited a half minute or so for this dude to get out and get with it. Charolais was done waiting and went up to the driver window. He reported back, construction worker lost and looking for the construction site of the new school being built on the Bayside property. Sike!

05:32- Mosey to the courtyard for COP.

COP: 30 SSH (IC), 25 Abe Vigottas (IC), 25 Grass Grabbers (IC), Plank Stretches

Mosey to top of parking lot. Headed out to road that goes around the outside of football field.

Thang 1: Indian Run around outer parameter of football field. Stop at each of the four turns. Turn 1- 20 Flutter Kicks (IC), Turn 2- 25 Merkins, Turn 3- 30 Box Cutters (IC), Turn 4- 35 Freddie Mercuries (IC). Ended at coupon site.

Thang 2: Circle up with Coupons. 20 Curls, 20 Half way up Curls, 20 Half way down curls keeping constant pressure on bicepts. 20 shoulder presses. 20 bent over rows. Rinse & repeat X’s 3.

Thang 3: Partner Up.

Round 1: P1- Coupon Farmer Carry P2- AMRAP T Merkins. R&R X’s 3.

Round 2: P1- Run  P2- AMRAP LBC’s w/ coupon. R&R X’s 3.

Round 3: P1- Bernie Sanders P2- AMRAP Squats with coupon. R&R X’s 3.

Put the coupons away and sprint to the flag.

COT: Name & count-o-rama. Announcements and intentions. Closed with a prayer thankful for our health and ability to get out and complete this workout. Thankful for each of the PAX and what this group means to us.




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