BackBlast 5/15/2019 – Heavy BlackOps at #theCounty – Bulletin Q

Broke out the Bulletin board again for a Negative rep workout.

PAX : Uncle Rico, Fructose, Crock Pot, Kimble, Wildflower, Gizelle, Bulletin (R) Q

Disclaimer spoken and a lap around the school then grabbed some coupons. We did a quick COP with Kendra Newmans and Slow Grass Grabbers. I brought everyone into my monthly self fitness test by maxing out on Push ups and Pull ups. I’ll bring that back again next month to see how everyone compares month to month.

Negative sets of each pair of the following exercises for 4 minutes followed by a max out exercise.

  1. Chest Press/Inverted Row -> Max Push ups
  2. Squat/Dead Lift -> Max Coupon swings
  3. Curls/Front Raise -> Max Dips
  4. Split Squats/Good Mornings -> Max Jump Lunges
  5. Shoulder Press/High Pull -> Max Shrugs
  6. Pull ups/Step ups -> Max Dead hang

Finished by returning the coupons.

COR/NOR – Announcements – Intentions

Always are pleasure – Bulletin

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