6/7 kilo birthday backblast from the chopper



Back in the gloom for the first time in 4 weeks, felt like i was shot out of a cannon.  My energy was at an all time high, especially as PAX continued to pile in the parking lot.  5 USA flags flying, 23 PAX, there is seriously not a better way to start your birthday.  For those reading this backblast I hope you can feel my excitement, it was next level.  Like CI before his weekly hair conditioning at dry bar or Abacus before a 50 mile trail run.  I was AMPED!!

Then i realized…..I’m not going to be able to workout with these HIM.  I’m still injured.  This was extremely difficult and weird for me.  What started with excitement quickly turned to frustration, and lessons were learned.  F3 continuiously provides leadership lessons if you’ll listen to them.



Hot Wheels, SnowDay, OJ, Airball, Malito, Wildflower, BigBird, Buschhhh, Rickshaw, Huggies, MeterMaid, Nice N Slow, Nino, Rocky DR, Airplane, Kimble, Fergie, Meatball, Rhythm, Mcafee, Worm, Carlose, KiloQ


Brief warmup 2 exercises I can do

Kendra Newmans

Overhead claps


Split PAX into 3 teams, had them line up in 3 rows infront of monument.


Pays to be a winner

Smurf Jack IC til failure.

The team with the last man standing is the winning team.

20 burpees to losing team.  15 to 2nd place.  10 to winner


Merkin til failure (YHC counts single count on down)

This was a beast of a competition.  Malito, Carlose, Mcafee, Buschhhhh, BigBird.  All gave great effort.

eeryones a winner, I then asked pax to carry me to the big parking lot.



Move the Coups

Pax were instructed to move the various vets coupons from behind the baseball field to a team assigned parking lot.

Mini Coups .5 points each

Coups 1 point each

pallets 2 points each


Winning team got smallest pile

losing team got largest pile

2nd team got their own pile


pax were instructed to move all coupons to opposites side of parking lot.  About 100 yards.

Pallets were pushed

Coups were overhead carry

mini coups were lunge walked


and then they had to be moved back across the parking lot to where they came from.


A brief mosey and hobble back to the flag for about 5 minutes of Mary.


This was a humbling experience, Nino and I got into a bit of a frat bro spat in the middle of the workout.  Normally I’d not have been affected by Ninos half hearted jabs at my Q and his frustration that the losing merkin team didn’t have to do 20 burpees like his team had to do when they lost the smurf jack competition.  Remember, i was AMPED and quickly became frustrated at my lack of mobility and ability to work with my friends.  It got the best of me and Nino pushed my buttons at about the same time and I responded in an inappropriate fashion.  There’s likely only one or two other people on this earth i would have responded to in this fashion.  Nino is like a brother and I love and respect him.

F3 Lesson alert.  As a leader, keep your emotions in check.  When you lose your cool people will rightfully question your leadership.  Humbly own your mistake and ask for forgiveness.  Analyze why you lost your cool and be more aware the next time you’re in a similar sitituation.  Use your energy and emotion in a positive way.





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