Back-Blast Friday 06-18-2021 – The Baptizer @ The Garden

As I pulled into the parking lot to set up for my Q, I noticed a sign that Jewel put up the night before welcoming me “home” to the Garden.  It was really sweet. Pelican gives him a hard time but Jewel is the best current 1st F Q in all of F3 Louisville.  With a little hop in my step now I got set up with 6 cones spaced out along the top parking lot and partially down the front hill…and queued up my non-premium Spotify playlist.  I think it’s important to have motivational music but also to ensure the PAX knows about Geico’s great rates. 
10 PAX showed up with a nice mix of Garden, GCA and even Pork Chop came out in search of Q ideas – Pork Chop, Jewel, Pelican, Tidwell, Cratchit, Jimmy Neutron, Subprime, Wet Bandit, Uncle Rico, Dauber (Q).
We grabbed our coupons and headed up the hill for COP – SSH, Grass Grabbers, Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps, Downward Dog stretches. After diving out of the way of inbound construction traffic, we cut COP short and started into the Main Thang – Bernie ManMaker Suicides.
Coupons were set at the starting point with 6 cones spread out across the top parking lot and down the Baptizer hill for suicides. PAX ran to the first cone, did the exercise then Bernie Sanders back to their coupon. Run to the second cone, third cone, etc for next exercises and then stop at each cone on the return trip to repeat the exercise at that cone. Every time you returned back to your coupon, you did 5 Manmakers. Sounds confusing, but it was pretty straight forward. Pelican and Subprime only asked 14 clarifying questions combined. 
Here were the exercises:1. 10x merkins2. 20x jump lunges (count EACH leg)3. 30x squats4. 40x big boy sit ups
5. 50x SSH (single count)
6. 60x Burpees
(Most of the questions came up about the 60 burpees. Yes, I said 60. And yes, burpees. I even have it written out on a poster board!)
The burpees sucked. The BBSU added up and the squats were tough after a while if you did them properly. But…the burpees sucked. Uncle Rico didn’t seem to mind though…he was killing it. Everyone else was working hard as well so mumblechatter was sporadic. I don’t even remember hearing a single reference to The Garden being AO of the year. I’m sure it was mentioned. I prolly just wasn’t listening. 
Just about everyone got through the suicides by the time we headed back down the hill. We had time for some quick Mary (Flutter Kicks & LBCs) before time was called and we circled up for COT- CoR, NoR, Announcements, Intentions, Prayer. 
Another great morning at a decent AO. 

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