Backblast 2/13/18 @ The Rooster

QIC: Bob Ross

PAX: 20 Strong – Tool Time, PK, Rythme, Iceman, Tiger, BUUSSCCHH, Geppetto, Glen Ross, Backdraft, Country Boy, Zima, Whamo, Plié, Wedding Singer, Duece, Swifty, Left Eye, Spread Sheet Fridge, Bob Ross

Weather: 27 degrees,

After a quick introduction we start with a mosey around the school with a little butt kicks, high knees and karaoke.


17 Side stradle hop

17 arm circles

17 Abe Begoda

17 grass grabbers

17 Imperial Squats

17 Mountain climbers in cadence

17 plank jacks

After COP we found our way to the front of Holy Trinity School for the REAL fun.

Thang 1:

in reps of 7 we did Donkey Kicks to Balls to the wall and Mericans

7 Donkey Kicks

7 Seconds of Balls to the wall (walking your hands up to the wall to where your doing a complete hand stand against the wall then walking your hands back down.

7 incline push-up

The PAX did this 7 times.

Next a mosey to the hill where we did our old fashions 7’s

Thang 2:

Start with 1 Burpee and the bottom and 6 at the top!

Then 2 at the bottom and 5 and the top. (throwing in a bear crawl up the hill a few times)

We did this until we reached 7 at the bottom of course!

On to a little coupon work.

Thang 3

:7 bicep curls

7 overhead press

7 rows

7 squats

7 lunges

In between ever rep we jumped over the coupon… 7 times!

Time to mosey back to the parking lot to start some Mary.

17 Rosalitas

17 scissor kicks

17 Freddie Mercuries

17 Gas Pumps

17 Russian Twists

After working the core we finished with some planking, stretching and a little yoga!


We circle up, counted off and give thanks. I thanked the Mutt HIMS for having me host and we headed of to conquer another day.




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