2/20 BackBlast Krazy Kilo Karnival #Carpenter


12 PAX along for the ride.


CI, Nickelback, Miata, scuba Steve, floJo, red roof, digorno, plethora, snowman, Buschhhhh, shiplap


Chili 39* ground slightly moist from night rainfall.  A bit misty in the air.


Hi-Lighter (DUH)  what else do you wear to the carpenter #KeepCarpenterWeird also blue GoRuck ranger panties to cover up the Ki-Lighter.


all IC

5 Groiners

5 right leg out lbc

5 left leg out lbc

5 davincis


Kilo Karnival set to Trolls soundtrack because it’s my fav.


12 station circuit.

1 min at each.

20 seconds to move to next station

Jump rope

green and Val bag clean

coupon pull

rt leg out lbc

left leg out lbc



pickle pounders

mini band squats

abyss merkins

decline swing groiners

ruck plate curls


2 times around #Woof



jack Webb shoulder tap

jack web shoulder air press





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