BackBlast #theFog 3/24/18 Abacus B-Day Beatdown!

I was fortunate enough to circle the sun one more time, so today marked the celebration of Abacus (YHC) turning 41! Of course the beatdown included plenty of reps to 41! Also happens Dave Matthews Band has a catchy tune #41. Interesting lines in the song about playing for all the loniness that no one notices now. Is Dave Matthews a member of the Virginia PAX? Who knew? Dave matthews.jpeg

My doppleganger, Mark WMark Weinberg, called for rain and cold during the FOG. He was right. YHG realized quickly we had to keep moving. No problem because running was in my forecast! General disclaimers issued and advised PAX modifications may be necessary, but push yourself to get better!

PAX included: Abacus Q, Grave Digger, Big Bird, Kilo, McAfee, Star Child/Pickle, Iceman (R), Captain Insaneo, Double Down (R), Methane, Huggies, Gypsey, Boozer, PK

More from DMB, “Why won’t you run Into the rain and play And let tears splash all over you?” And that’s what we did!

Mosey to COP

SSH I/C 41 – I’m always amazed at the cadence and count back. somewhere around 30 SSH YHC fell out of cadence…

Abe Vigota I/C 25

Kendra Newmans 10 each direction

Feeling sufficiently warm mosey to playground for Thang1

Thang 1

DECADES – does this exist in F3 xicon? Well it’s in my xicon now, so watch out.

41 – Squats

41 – Burpees

41 – SSH

31 – Squats

31 – Burpees

31 – SSH

21 – Squats

21 Burpees

21 – SSH

11 – Squats

11 – Burpees

11 – SSH

1 – Squat

1 – Burpee

1 – SSH

I believe tears splashed over the PAX. Quotes from the PAX:

Methane “You said merkins right? Not Burpees” –> Iceman “Meth have you been drinking?” –> Methane “You said merkins right? Not Burpees”

Captain Insaneo “I’m never coming to another Abacus Q”

Iceman “Who else watched curling last night?”

It sucked as bad as it sounds!

Mosey to Egg lawn for THANG 2

Route 66

Mosey 4 light poles 11 merkins, 4 more light poles and 10 merkins, rinse / repeato

Mosey back to Playground for THANG3

Divide into 3 groups

Group 1 – 5 pull-ups

Group 2 – SSH until relieved

Group 3 – Step-ups until relieved

Circle on the Poshy land for Mary

PAX gave back to me. Each called out Mary work with 10 reps.

Two minutes left so Jack Webb visited. We made it to 6 merkins and 24 air presses before running out of time. Since we were all SMOKED, mosey to flag.


Count off 14 PAX!

Announcements – Passion Ruck on 3/29 North Poshlands from 2100 to 2400!

Iceman drew the 6 and explained some mumble chatter about being a professional volleyball player and training Val Kilmer for is secondary role in Top Gun. Iceman

Intentions were shared for a St. Margret Mary family of three girls who lost their mother several years ago and tragically lost their father this past week. PRAYERS! Several others and I’m sorry I failed to mention them all here. YHC asked Sky Q for help for all us to be better leaders and men to all we encounter.

Quick visit to coffeteria Abacus’ birthday cake. YUM!


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