Back-Blast 4/28/18 The Fog

Huggies VQ.  We had 13 PAX with 2 FNG’s.

Pax: (13) Battier, Boozer, Double Down (respect), Preemie, McAffee, Cochran, Swifty, Gypsy, Flounder, Whiff (FNG),  Hot Wheels(FNG), Nino, Huggies (Q).

The weather was perfect.  I was happy we had a full crew given the mini and the Go Ruck event in Toledo.

We started with a short mosey and warm ups (20 SSH, 20 Grass Grabbers, 20 Abe Vigodas, 20 Imperial walkers in cadence).   Mosey over to the egg lawn.

The plan was for 4 laps around the track but we only had time for 3.  We split into two groups each going in opposite directions.  We started with 15 Merkins as a group.  Then, going in opposite directions each group did lunges for one light post followed by a form of running (Bernie Sanders, Mario, Karaoke) for 4 light posts.  When the groups intersected we did 15 burpees.  2nd lap involved bear crawls for one light post followed by a mosey for 4 light posts.  3rd lap was a combination of the two, remembering to do either 15 merkins or 15 burpees at every group intersection.  A few 10 counts were in order.

We ended the hour with about 5 minutes of core work.

Our two FNG’s stayed with it and did an excellent job.  Ty Wilcox (Whiff) and Mark Ruley (Hot Wheels).  We hope to see them back.



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