08.10.18 Backblast Black Ops at Norton Common

Thanks to everyone who made it out. It was my first Q at Norton Commons. Thanks also to Steerage who provided the 10 coupons. We had a perfect number of 10 PAX for the coupons.

PAX: Crab Legs, Flood Plain, Mud Bug, Uncle Rico, Barney Fife (FNG), Bean Counter, Bulletin (Respect), Tin Cup, Grinder and Meter Maid (Q).

Started off with the disclaimer and moseyed to the Amphitheater.


Kendric Newman – forward and backward, little and big circles

Grass Grabbers 20 IC

Down Dog

Left Hamstring Stretch

Right Hamstring Stretch

Plank – 60 seconds

Merkins – 10 sets of 3 OYO

Thang 1:

Two lines of 5 – Scout Run (Old Bay used it in the County and I liked it.)

Thang 2 Tabata Training (all 4 minutes with 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)

Song 1: Merkins with coupons

Mosey around Norton Commons

Song 2: Squats with coupons

Mosey around Norton Commons

Song 3: Burbees with coupons

We concluded with some Mary where the pax called their exercise.


We had announcements and concluded with prayer.

While we didn’t save Ferris, we did run over 2 miles and got better through Tabata training.

Meter Maid

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