GoRuck Rain Ruck Training Back Blast – 8.17.18

Yesterday I was sitting at work minding my business when I see a slack notification come through from Twitter on my desktop (Thanks to CI for his Slack training, I now keep it on my desktop to stay in the know) about a Rain Ruck event that is being put on by GoRuck. Once I read the rules I quickly said that I was in. After a few comments here and there, I got a text from Nino about the Ruck Training the next morning that I was Qing. He asked me about modifying the ruck training so we could complete this challenge. I was already one step ahead of him, and now we just had to put things into action.

We quickly posted on slack about the change of event and time, and we have 5 committed before we knew. Over the next few hours, we had more and more guys commit and we were getting really excited about this. We spoke with Yogi and he let the morning crew know that we would be coming by to use the splash park to get wet for this ruck event. I mean it’s called the Rain Ruck for a reason. (if only we knew this on Wednesday, we could have done this in the monsoon from yesterday!)

With all plans in order and enough PAX committed to the event, all we had to do was get the mileage in. I woke up earlier this morning due to the 0500 start time, and the need to go in the back entrance due to rain in the front (only to come to find out that entrance was fine the whole time). Even with the extra time I was cutting it close to get there by 0500. Star Child was there waiting for me to apply Body Glide for him. He has stiffened up quite a bit since Mr. Hat has been out and we don’t get our bi-weekly yoga sessions in, so he needs me to get those hard to reach places. I know he would do the same for me and any other PAX for that matter.

I roll in at 0458, and the PAX are ready to go. After a quick disclaimer, we are off.

Q: McAfee

PAX (18): Airplane, Big Bird, Nice N Slow, Huggies, Meter Maid, Tron, Snowman, Flounder, Amelia, Flo Jo, Fanny Pack, Scuba Steve, Gypsy, Nino, Iceman, McAfee (Q)

The morning was simple, it was all about getting the 5-mile minimum in and getting back in time so everyone could get kids to school and get to work. Gypsy was our ruck guide and kept the pace strong for us the whole way.

For those who have not heard the 43 feet podcast from last week, do yourself a favor and go listen to it. I will even make it easy and put a link here for you:

Kilo does a great job talking about how rucking has changed our F3 culture in Louisville. I think it was something that I knew but never was really intentional about it while I was participating. So since hearing this, I have made a more conscious effort to build stronger relationships with the PAX by asking about their life, connecting with them on another level or just having fun while doing something that we all love. This morning was a great example of how the 2rd F was in full swing and everyone was enjoying the WO.

A special thanks to Nino, Nice N Slow and Gypsy for making Huggies almost jump out of his shoes when they convinced him there was a snake on the path we were taking. It was priceless!

After we finished our 5 miles in under 15-minute mile pace, which is awesome for such a large group, we got together for COR, NOR, and COT.

Announcement for tomorrow’s Q/Lead School was made. We had intentions for several of Flounder’s work friends and colleagues who are struggling and on the road to recovery, lifted up Flo Jo’s friend’s family as they mourn the loss of a loved one, praise for a good surgery for my father-in-law and continued recovery, and we continue to lift up Abacus’ M, Vince, and Pope with all they are going through.

I finished up our time with a Medal of Honor citation for Corporal York and reminded the PAX to use this brotherhood as a place of refuge and strength, To reach out if you need help or someone to listen to you. You are not in this alone. At the same time, I challenged each of us to be the hands and feet of Christ and share the love with someone today and be light in a dark world! Simply be a #HIM!


– McAfee Out

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