I was right up there at the front last year for Of Mice & Men. Brutal, yet awesome.

Well, since signing up for the GoRuck Star Course my Saturdays are now coupled with logging some serious mileage. Skid, PK, and myself wandered the streets of St. Matthews starting at 3:50 this morning. We saw all the workers finishing up at the bars (Tin Roof, Gerstles, etc). Who stays out until 4? Anywho, we logged 11.3 by the time it was ready to start my Q. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel after that kind of rucking and then try and lead the PAX. I had the Q juice flowing, not a problem at all. (See what I did there)?

Q – OJ

PAX – Glen Ross, PK, Pepperoni, Miyagi, Who Dey, Backdraft, Geppetto, Drysdale, Windshield, Meatball, Wham!, Tiger, Left Eye, Sump Pump, Blueprint, Gillespie

Who needs COP when you’ve just rucked over 11 miles. Sorry boys, we’re off and running. “Wait, hang on, Tiger’s rolling in at 7:01, plank up and wait.”

Thang 1

Mosey to Mary Hill Estates for a little 4 corner merkin party. First corner 10 merkins, Second corner 20 merkins, Third corner 30 merkins. At this point there was some early chatter going on about skipping any kind of warm up so I caved a bit. At corner Four we did 40 SSHs IC. After that it was a Lunge Walk to the bottom of the hill and a Bear Crawl back up to the school. This is where we picked up Drysdale. He was circling the school in hopes of finding us.

Thang 2

Pax lined up in plank position in the field about 2-3 feet apart. PAX in back would box jump each person until they got to the front and then hold up in plank. Each PAX did this twice to complete the set. Some of our guys were hard to jump over…Geppetto, Glen Ross.

Thang 3

OJ’s Mosh Pit Part 2

I busted this out back in March or so to some great reception. I always feel like I’ve got to explain why I like such angry music. It stems back from being a runner. I’ve always had to crank the heavy stuff to fuel my runs so today I brought the heat. We did a 30 exercise tabata. 50 seconds on 10 off and rotate.


1 Coupon Squats

2 Elbow Plank

3 Incline Merkins

4 Plank Jacks

5 Coupon Bench Press

6 Burpees

7 Bobby Hurleys

8 Coupon Rows

9 Run to the end of the lot and back

10 Groiners

11 Coupon Thrusters

12 Monkey Humpers

13 Bear Crawl forward 5 spaces/Crawl Bear back 5 spaces

14 Merkins

15 Coupon Shrugs

16 Lunges

17 Man Makers 😊

18 Burpees

19 Coupon American Hammers

20 Dying Cockroaches

21 Broad Jump forward 3 spots/Broad Jump back 3 spots

22 Coupon Swings

23 Big Boys

24 On Six, hold legs 6 inches off ground

25 Decline Merkins

26 Burpees

27 Imperial Walkers

28 Coupon Curls

29 Flutter Kicks

30 Alternating Hand Merkins


Breaking Benjamin “Lights Out”

Sylar “South Street Lullaby”

Chevelle “The Fad”

Gojira “Stranded”

Linkin Park “Given Up”

Of Mice and Men “Never Giving Up”

Lacuna Coil “Ghost in the Mist”

Cane Hill “Too Far Gone”

With 5 min to spare, we returned the coupons for a little extra Mary

20 Pretzel Crunches IC (10 each leg)

20 Box Cutters IC

20 Single Leg Flutters IC


There were a lot of prayer requests today. We need to get them in the Intentions page. A lot of people are struggling and dealing with some serious stuff.

I thanked the men for letting me come to the Mutt and lead. My year anniversary was last Wednesday. I’m so thankful for this group and look forward to seeing it’s future.

T Claps to PK for sticking around for the workout. He and Skid are meeting Kilo for more mileage tonight. I have my fantasy draft.

Well after rucking 11.3, Q’ing a full body mosh pit, then having to mow the lawn when I got home, I’m ready to relax. Nevermind, kids volleyball games are calling. Time to dad.


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