9/25/18 Backblast- BO-Bayside

I apologize for the late BB! Tuesday’s Black Ops @ Bayside was last minute for me when a message circulated Slack I jumped in and took it. Had 8 HIM’s out to get better on a beautiful morning.

Weather: Cloudy and 65

Conditions: Breezy with a ray of moonlight.

Outfit: Black on black with no neon.

PAX: Sadie (Q), Mr, Bubbles, Thumbtack, Charolais (R), Birdie, Shuttlecock (R), Krystal, Sparky

Mosey to courtyard for COP.

COP: in cadence:  30 grass grabbers,         30 abe vigodas, 30 imperial walkers,         30 hillbilly’s, 30 squats.

Plank stretch left/right recover and mosey to get coupons.

Thang 1: set coupons 20 yards from starting line.

Bear crawl to 20 yard line, 30 coupon presses, bear crawl back. Jump squat to 20 yard line, 40 coupon rows, jump squat back. Lunge walk to 20 yard line, 50 coupon curls.

A couple 10 second counts.. rinse and repeat.

Thang 2: Partner up dory 1,2,3

100 merkins, 200 LBC’s, 300 squats.

Side note.. we had  a few PAX finish quicker than others. Each one jumped in and completed remaining reps and runs along side of others until all PAX were finished. Nice work! The extra push and team effort and encouragement was awesome to witness! Perfect example of why this is more than just a workout!

Mosey back to put coupons away and mosey to flag for Mary.

Mary: in cadence: 40 flutter kicks, 40 LBCs

Circle up for COT. Count o Rama, Name o Rama, announcements and intentions. Closing prayer.

Nice work to all PAX that came out for the BO.. we all got better.. had a good time doing it and grew stronger together!



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