I will be honest, when looking at the forecast the night before, and then the radar in the morning, I was just hopeful that there would at least be a couple other brave souls who would join me.  (My backup plan was to go knock on Geppetto’s door, then Windshield’s door and then Miyagi’s door if I was the only one at 7.)

I got to the Mutt early to set up and found a couple cars parked in a not so usual location.  As I pulled around the school to the usual spot they followed me, and behold it was April and a several others who had beat me there.  We were in business, and many more eventually showed up.

PAX (13): Miyagi, Geppetto, Windshield, Loco, Blueprint, Wham-O, Lego, Spree (FNG), April (R), Incognito, Cutler, Plumb Bob, Deuce (Q)

Weather: started out perfect, and then got less and less perfect.

Disclaimer given and we were off with a mosey around the walking path to the coupon garden.  Circle up there for a little COP – SSHs (20), grass grabbers (20), Imperial Walkers (20), Kendra Newmans and some additional stretching.

Thing 1 – When I was setting up, I had placed some markers in the big parking lot at strategic intervals.  Partner up, with one partner grabbing a coupon and heading to the newer section of the big parking lot.  Suicide B.O.M.B.S.

Partner 1 would run a suicide with the last marker being at the very end of the lot.  Partner 2 would start on BOMBS.  75 burpees and 150 of the others, staying true to the acronym except with overhead press with coupon rather than overhead clap.  Partner switch when the suicide was complete.  This was going along just fine until it was time for the Big Boys.  The area of the parking lot where we were just happened to be where all the rain in the lot was draining towards.  Poor foresight from the Q, so my bad on that one.

Once this was done, grab the coupons and head over to the portico for a little shelter and Thing 2.  Alternating AMRAP work.  Partners would alternate for minute intervals – things done (1) curls and wall sits, (2) rows and wall sits, (3) V ups and lunges, (4) LBCs and Rockies.

Put the coupons back and mosey back around the walking path going the opposite way we came initially.  Back to the flag and finish with 15 merkins for good measure.

NOR and COT.  Thanked everyone for coming out as it truly is uplifting to see so many show up when the weather is that miserable.  Intentions for Double Down, reminder announcement of the Tuesday plan to get out with ace of spades, wear black and show support.




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