Rooster BB – 4.9.2019

100-1-50-1.  Once I saw that CI was running this at the O, there was no way we were not going to run this at the Mutt.  It sucked last year, and I knew it would suck again, but that we would have fun doing it.  Also, we may be able to thank Glen Ross for this as I think he asked CI about running this again while we were about to start a beach black ops in Florida.

PAX (14):  Spreadsheet, Sump Pump, Windshield, Tweety Bird (FNG), PED, Snowman, Cornbread, Wham-o (R), Cowbell, Tiger, Blueprint, Escort, Left Eye, Deuce (Q).

The good thing about running the 100-1-50-1 is that the backblast sort of takes care of itself.  That was the thang.

For those that finished a little sooner than others, we circled up for a little Mary, with LBCs, Big bois, box cutters and a few merkins mixed in.

After all finished – back to the flag for COR and NOR.

Announcement regarding Convergence and prayers for the PAX heading to Columbus for the Star Course.


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