BB – The Hurt 5.25.2019

PAX (12) – Cornbread (R), Juicy, Wham-o (R), Old Bay, Blueprint, Backdraft
Geppetto , Tureen, Soft top, Windshield
Rih Rih, Deuce (Q)

weather – 73 and muggy

At first I thought maybe I’d get 3-4 HIMs to show up with the holiday weekend and the scavenger ruck the night before.  However, this group continues to amaze and impress as 11 showed up to join me.

0700 hit, disclaimer given and we moseyed over to the big parking lot for COP.


20 SSH – IC


20 grass grabbers – IC


downward dog and runners stretch.

Thing 1 – deconstructed burpee mile.

PAX stay together, Start by running down Cherrywood to Ormond. Stop and then 25 deconstructed burpees – 25 merkins, 25 groiners, 25 jump squats.

Run down Ormond to St Matthews Ave. repeat 25 deconstructed burpees.

Run down St Matthews Ave to Elmwood, repeat 25 deconstructed burpees.

Run down elmwood back to the school parking lot, repeat 25 deconstructed burpees.

After all completed, head to coupon garden and circle up for a little Mary.

20 big bois

20 American hammers – IC

20 Rosalia’s – IC

20 LBC – IC

1 minute plank.

Thing 3

everyone grab a coupon, start in the garden with 10 reps of curls, rows Andy overhead press.  Run to corner of the school where the flag is planted, 10 reps of merkins, plank jacks and mountain climbers.  Run to corner of the school in front of the multi purpose building, 10 bobby Hurley’s, 10 big bois and 10 LBC.

run back to the coupon garden.  Repeat, but 20 reps of each.  Once that was all done, repeat, but with 30 reps of each.

everyone finished, and we headed back to the flag.

COR, NOR, COT.  Prayers for the newly ordained priests (happening that day), prayers for all to have a safe holiday weekend.




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