Backblast 7/23 Uncle Rico @ The Garden

What a great morning to push yourself and get better.  Yours truly brought the full body beat down to 14 PAX at The Garden.  Challenge all PAX to get out to the Garden.  Terrain is amazing.

14 Pax – Uncle Rico (Q), Mr. Hat, Lady Bird (R), Fructuse, Harbaugh, Latex, Domino, Huggies, Catfish, Nice N Slow, Airball, Husky, Meatball, and Milton

Disclaimer and Warm Up

Quick Mosey around the Campus 
Circle Up 
15 SSH
15 Grass Grabbers
15 Imperial Walkers
Plank with R over L and L over R 
Kendra Newman's 

Mosey Back to Coupons and GAME ON
Four Stations - Two Rounds
Round 1
Station 1 - 25 Big Boy Sit Ups and 25 Overhead Presses w/ Coupon
Extra Credit was given for 10 Manmakers
Mario to Station 2 up the Hill (Said Hill not Mountain)
Station 2 - 25 Mickey Mouse Merkins and 25 American Hammers
Extra Credit was given for 10 Calf Raises
Run to Station 3
Station 3 - 25 Dips and Bavarian Ball Busters
Extra Credit was given for 10 Pull Ups
Run to Station 4
Station 4 - 25 Curls and Kettle Bell Swings
Extra Credit was given for 10 Chest Press

Round 2
Rinse and Repeat except 50 Each and Extra Credit was still available.

Needless to say there was some modification done but again that is the 
one of the strengths of F3; Push yourself to your limit but know when
to modify.

Intentions were made special prayer for Nice N Slow and his family and ended with
an Our Father.

Thanks again for the invite and to all the PAX who came out.  Until next time


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