Blender Back Blast: McAfee Milkshake Meltdown – 7.24.19

Over the past few weeks I have been posting more inside of 264, just to change it up and keep things fresh. One post earlier this week I saw Nugget and he was like, “Man, I keep seeing you everywhere McAfee.” This could be just a coincidence that we have been posting at alot of the same sites, but also a realization that maybe I had spent more time at other AOs and need to vary my workouts more frequently.

I love being able to travel to all AOs because it allows for me to see as many of my friends in this group as possible. It’s also allowed me to meet many of the new faces within F3 Louisville. As we continue to grow and expand, I would encourage each of you to venture out to other parts of the city to see some other faces, some old and some new.

Sorry for the PSA, I get back down to business. The Mutt is notorious for having PAX that supposedly don’t leave the Mutt. there is some truth to that, however I would argue that they are a strong group and are willing to travel, but when proximity is a premium and you have dad duties in the morning, it’s hard to pass up a workout in your backyard (Am I right, Rih Rih?)

So with that in mind, I decided it had been a while since i brought some fun to the Mutt, so I decided to sign up to bring something most of the PAX here have not seen. Last year some of us competed in an F3 Nation competition called the IronPax. These were some of the hardest workouts I have done to date, so I figure why not bring some of them back (more to come in some of my future Qs). So here is what we did!

Disclaimer was given to the group reminding them that I am not a professional, everything I say is a suggestion and to know your limits and modify as you need to. This is a you vs. you workout so push yourself as much as you can. Then we were off for a mosey around the school to the parking lot for COP.


25 SSH IC (This was done in double time because I told the PAX I cannot stand slow SSH IC)

10 Grass Grabbers IC (Nice and slow so we could stretch out our lower back and legs)

10 Imperial Squat Walkers IC (This is where I realized that BUSCHHH just likes to watch me do squats)

10 Copperhead Merkins IC (Slow on the down and up on the count)

Downward Dog and Runner’s stretch

-From there I instructed everyone to grab a Coupon and come back to the parking lot and line up in a parallel line

MAIN THANG – Modified from a previous IronPax workout

4 set x 8 minutes

*Perform as many reps as possible in 8 minutes

*After every 25 reps run about 25-30 yards out and back

*Rinse and repeat until 8 min is up

*Rest 2 min between sets

Set 1 – Coupon Thrusters

Set 2 – Coupon Curls

Set 3 – Coupon Swings

Set 4 – Coupon ManMakers

We had to modify to 6 min on the last two sets in order to finish in time.


We did COR, NOR, and BOM with announcements, intentions and a final prayer. Prayers were lifted up to the guys who cannot post right now for whatever reason it may be (health, work, mental struggle, etc.) and were encouraged to reach out to those guys and invite them out. Noxeema Jackson asked for prayers for a close friend/relative as they go through fertility struggles. Prayers were lifted up for these two in particular as well as the many unsaid in our circle. I am always humbled to serve the great men of this group and never take it for granted. I am appreciative to all the guys who came out and hope the workout was worth it.

Until next time…

-McAfee out.

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