Backblast – 1/4/2020 @ The Hurt with Meter Maid

It was my VQ at the Mutt and I wanted it to be special. I decided about doing something around this day in history. I took the historical numbers and made them the counts for the exercises.

Conditions: It was 40 degrees but the wind chill had it feeling like 33 degrees. The rain had ended but the parking lot was still wet.

PAX (13): Digiorno, Lionel, Fridge, Sump Pump, Soft Top, Tureen, Barney Fife, Windshield, Backdraft, Duece, No Show, Buschhhh, and Meter Maid (QIC)

When I arrived a few minutes early, no one else was there. As I set up the cones, I wondered would I be the only one there. As it became about 6:55am, the PAX started rolling on. I went through the disclaimer and we started with a mosey around the school. Along the way, we picked up two PAX members who arrived after the start.

We circled up for the COP. I started off with SSH IC. When I got past 30, there were grumblings but we weren’t stopping until 45. Utah became the 45th state of the union on January 4, 1896.

Then, we did 10 slow grass grabbers IC and 15 Toy Solders IC.

Now that we were warned up, we started our first thang. Ronald Reagan announces his candidacy for Republican governor on January 4, 1966. In honor of the year of 1966, we did 19 bear crawl arm movements, 6 Superman Merkins and 6 single count mountain climber around a circle until everyone was competed one lap.

On January 4,1956, Elvis Presley recorded his first demo tape that was 10 minutes long. I had planned on doing a 10 EMOM. Since today was 1/4/20, we would do 1 burpee, 4 star jumps and 20 Merkins. After about 7 minutes in, we were all smoked so we stopped it early.

On January 4, 2004, Britney Spears married Jason Alexander for 55 hours and it was later annulled. In honor of this event, we did 55 shoulder taps (2:1) OYO.

Since it was Don Shula’s 90th birthday today, we held a 90 second plank.

We then gathered coupons for our next activity. Since Nancy Pelosi became the first female speaker of the house on January 4, 2007, the 110th Congress. So in honor, we did 110 benchpress with coupon OYO.

On January 4, 1974, Richard Nixon received subpoena that resulted in him having to provide over 500 tapes. In honor of this event, the PAX had some DORA work with coupon. One member ran while that other worked toward competing a cumulative total of 100 big boys, 150 squats with coupons and 250 overhead presses. (Nixon would later resign in August 1974.)

Since we completed some of these quicker than I planned, we did elevens with squats and calf raises.

This left a few minutes for Mary. Since Don Shula coached the undefeated Dolphins, the only NFL team to run the table, we did everything for a 17 count. We did flutter kicks, gas pumps, preacher sit-ups and hello Dolly.

Along the way of this tough workout and after concluded, I learned the Mutt doesn’t like SSH over 30, they don’t count and if you smoke them, you better bring beer next time. Also, why does Soft Top now have a hard top?

I concluded with NOR, announcements and intentions. I challenged each PAX in closing to be thinking of a word to build their 2020 goals around (e.g. patience, strength, resiliency). I am always humbled to lead.

-Meter Maid


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