3.2.21-BB: The MAX @ Bayside-BigBird Q

I love Bayside for a number of reasons. One of which is the drive to get there. Yes, you read that right. I do appreciate the time with myself, reflecting on the day prior and mentally preparing for the day ahead, to include the beat down that would be forthcoming. Now, I have a tendency to roll in hot sometimes even when I’m the Q. But on this day I was early by 15 or so minutes which actually worked out because about halfway into the drive, my poor decision for the “on the road coffee” would tell me I needed to answer nature’s call. No worries though. There is a Pilot gas station just off the Simpsonville exit. Feeing good that I was going to be able exercise them demons, I sauntered in to the store. Unfortunately, Bird’s dumb luck would rear its ugly head. The restrooms were closed, taped off and out of order….After an expletive under my breath, I would have to hope that the turtle wouldn’t mind to go back into its shell for just 90 more minutes. Upon arriving to the AO, and as part of my disclaimer, I shared my story with the PAX and recommended no one follow behind me. The PAX told me a little Birdie had some good places to drop trou if need be. And Schotzie told me that all I would have to do is chase and catch the white rabbit for cleanup. More on the White rabbit later.

My good friends on this day: Charolais (R), Schotzie, Squid, Slide Rule, Air Supply, Birdie, BigBird (Q)-yes, BigBird is my alter ego and I am friends with him too. He helps me to do things I didn’t know I was capable of.

We would start with a mosey around half of the ginormous parking lot to warm up. Circle up for COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Michael Phelps, arm stretches and quad stretches. As part of COP we would do BLIMPS; 5 burpees, 10 lunges, 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Merkins, 25 Plank Jacks and 30 Squats.

Next we would use half of the colossal lot to: mosey from the 30 yrd line to curb, Super Mario back, Karaoke down and All you got back…Recover

Tabata time: Peter Parker Merkins and Hover Shoulder Taps, rotating each 30 seconds until 8 rounds were completed.

The Thang: we would mosey around half of the gargantuan parking lot stopping at each of the four corners for 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, and 15 Squats…or Jump Lunges…or Sumo Squats. Let me just say this: Slide Rule is up there with the F3Louisville elite as he Beasted the Thang: Woof SR! Oh…also I learned that Charolais loves Burpees. I would also find out that Air Supply is not known for being speechless. We would all catch up and finish together.

Finally, for the fun: I had never brought the Wonky Donkey to Bayside yet. When asked if they heard of it before and it was a unanimous, “no” I did my best impression of Kip from Napoleon Dynamite doing his fist pump. Thanks boys for indulging me. I hope you enjoyed the the stinky stanky, linky lanky, honkey tonky, winky Wonkey Donkey.

We had time for two Mary exercises that Air Supply called off to put the cherry on top. We would then circle up for COR, NOR and COT. Made some announcements, one of which is the Bayside anniversary beat down hosted by Slide Rule on Tuesday. Come join me! Said some intentions; namely for a successful family funeral for Air Supply’s grandfather this Saturday past and for Schotzie’s grandmother.

Finally, we spoke about the white rabbit before the workout began as a joke. But as I was working hard with these men I got to thinking about what chasing that white rabbit means for me and I felt inspired to talk about it while giving thanks to the Sky Q for this day. That white rabbit can be something that we are working towards. The minuteness or profundity can vary per situation and individual but we are all searching for and chasing after something. Let’s use the energy that F3 gives to have courage, knuckle up and go get it!!

Until next time…


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